The Phantom Pain

MGV 5: The Phantom Pain: So good, it will make the baby commando inside of you smile.

The Phantom Pain is finally out and the hype train is in full effect. The game, which is probably the last Metal Gear game we’ll see from director/mastermind Hideo Kojima, aims to close the door with Big Boss’s history and brings the open world gameplay from Ground Zeroes into a much bigger environment. After the hype train leaves and the dust is settled, we still have a Metal Gear game, but it’s also one of the most addicting and overall best action games ever made.

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Metal Gear Primer

Metal Gear Primer:  Your guide to the history of the most awesome/convoluted series in gaming.

The Metal Gear Solid series can be considered the granddaddy of stealth/action games since it, along with the Thief games, created a completely new genre for gamers. Not only did it give us gameplay where stealth and patience were rewarded, but also gave us memorable boss fights and great action when it called for it. Not content with just having a straight forward military themed plot, the overly complicated stories, ridiculous amount of cut scenes, and over the top action are trademark to the series. Aside from the sometimes ludicrous (and even retconning) plot points, one of the major complaints is you are watching a movie rather than playing a game. It’s true with the earlier games, but I will tell you right now that it’s part of the charm. This is a series that has been cultivated and cared for by the mastermind Hideo Kojima and the attention to detail shows.

Now with Phantom Pain here on our doorstep, those that have never dipped their toes with the previous games can easily feel lost or intimidated by the huge history the game has. Don’t worry. We got you covered.

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Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad:  An amazing game concept hampered by shitty memes and gender politics.

Someone finally made a game revolving around a Power Rangers-esque tactical combat game and even managed to incorporate the production of the show as a mechanic. Drawing inspiration from Ultraman, Super Sentai, Kaiden Rider, and even a dash of Power Rangers (that Saban lawsuit is bullshit by the way), this is a perfect example mixing two awesome and unlikely pairing in an original way. However, since this is real life, this is also example devs fucking that up.

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