Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad:  An amazing game concept hampered by shitty memes and gender politics.

Someone finally made a game revolving around a Power Rangers-esque tactical combat game and even managed to incorporate the production of the show as a mechanic. Drawing inspiration from Ultraman, Super Sentai, Kaiden Rider, and even a dash of Power Rangers (that Saban lawsuit is bullshit by the way), this is a perfect example mixing two awesome and unlikely pairing in an original way. However, since this is real life, this is also example devs fucking that up.


Breaks between episodes give you the chance to upgrade your production and members.

Chroma Squad throws you in to a tutorial as an actor on a Power Ranger themed show taking your queues from a disinterested director. Fed up, your crew leaves to start their own show complete with shitty bootleg outfits and even shittier villain extras. Over the course of each episode (level) you try to make the action as flashy as possible in turn based combat. You fulfill objectives using teamwork powered moves while transforming into your costumed alter-egos at just the right time. This generates more fans which, in turn, generates money to spend on upgrades in the show’s production. The show (and your character) get better from the Hollywood side of the house based on the number of episodes and seasons you get through. Sounds amazing on paper, right?

HEY GUYS A SPONGE BOB REFERENCE!!! Hope you like this shit 'cause the ride doesn't stop here!

Well, the humor feels like someone sprinkled internet memes from 3 years ago all over the game. You fight a giant bird with biceps, and barrel rolling pirate (guess what he yells in the fight), and Colin’s bear. Yeah. There’s also a scene where you argue for casting a man as the damsel in distress because a woman would be falling into “sexist tropes”. It’s out of the blue and doesn’t fit anywhere with whatever humor and style they are trying to pull off. Look, I know this is supposed to be a game where you are producing an action based children’s show, but this kind of shit pulls me away from it and turns campy Japanese action into the world of internet forum humor. Would it have been too hard to leave that shit on the internet and make the campy Power Rangers game everyone wanted?

Ok. That shit is pretty cool.

Let’s take away the shitty dialog and memes for a second. The devs should be applauded for at least making their own game and having an original idea in a sea of zombie, Minecraft, shooter games. The tactical combat isn’t necessarily deep and the crafting is pure RNG, but it’s fun at a base level. Those of you that find unnecessary politics and meme spouting abrasive may want to pass. If, however, you are a fan of these types of shows, give Chroma Squad a spin. Creating a custom finishing move named, “You stepped into the wrong neighborhood, motherfucker” and killing a guy in a barrel with five simultaneous rainbow kicks may have its own worth.