Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge:  It's kinda like if Metroid's weird brother made a game.

There have been some really good indie metroidvania's released like Cave Story, Guacamelee, and La-Mulana. Unfortunately, there's also been a flood of dogshit titles that have been mucking the place up with the lack of quality control. You can point the finger at Steam and Kickstarter for that one. Now we have the latest indie entry into the genre, Axiom Verge. While it's nowhere near perfect, it bucks the current trend of crap that does a solid job at emulating Metroid while doing an even better job creating a uniquely weird environment to explore.

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Mechwarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online:  Because is perfectly reasonable to pay for a $500 mech skin.

Things are pretty shitty for fans of mech simulation games right now. Earthsiege and Starsiege aren't coming back. Hawken is now in the hands of Reloaded Games best known as the people that burned APB: Reloaded to the ground. Chromehounds stands as a remembrance of betters days while the abortion of the Kinect enabled Steel Battalion serves as an example of how not to fucking control a walking death machine. Seriously. Waving your hands around like you are doing the YMCA to move your mech is retarded. After the abrupt stop of Mechwarrior: Living Legends and MekTek losing the license rights for MW 4, the grand daddy of Mech games is still alive thanks to its loyal fanbase with Mechwarrior Online. I tried it a few years back when it was a buggy mess and jumped back in to see what changed. Is it worth getting? That depends. How much disposable income do you have?

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The Lesser Knowns

The Lesser Knowns:  Upcoming games that you don’t have to be afraid to get excited about.


The upcoming blockbuster games that we used to get excited for are currently getting packaged with a feeling of dread and worry. The recently announced Star Wars: Battlefront has a ton of features that have been stripped compared to the originals. Halo 5's hype machine is being met with a collective "meh" due to the borefest of Halo 4 and no one will be surprised if Ubisoft fucks up The Division (please don't). Don't worry guys. There will be a new Call of Duty every year that will continue the mediocrity of the industry. Here we will highlight some of the lesser known near future releases that each are trying something new or at least putting some spit and polish on tried and true mechanics. You won't find Heroes of the Storm or Star Citizen previews here. These are the lesser known dogs that look like they have as much fight to stand against their big budget counterparts.

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