Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight:  Melee Mega Man

The market is getting flooded with these “retro” style that has been prevalent in gaming in the past few years. Frankly, it kind of sucks that it can be an easy excuse for “too indie to afford an artist. To be fair, pushing through to 3D can usually be pricey and talented artists are not easy (cheap) to come by. Retro style can be pulled off amazingly though with Super Meat Boy, Hotline Miami, and Gemini Rue are prime examples. When they are shit, you don’t really hear about them since they just fizzle out to nothing back to the pile of failed Kickstarters and XBLA trash. Shovel Knight has been creating a lot of buzz for actually trying to emulate “retro” with it’s as close as possible NES style and tough platforming gameplay. While it’s not perfect by any means, it’s definitely a good example of how to actually do retro without being dogshit.

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Destiny Beta Impressions

Destiny Beta ImpressionsThoughts on Bungie's new MMO shooter thing


It was oh so brief, but Bungie just gave open beta access to Destiny this weekend, I'm guessing to put some tweaks on their online stuff. I've gotten on both the PS3 and 360 to see how far they have strayed from the tried and true Halo formula that they have crafted over the years. It is most certainly ambitious, trying to take parts of an open world mission structure, mixed with spontaneous co-op, multiplayer deathmatches, and a story that is supposed to tie them all together. They are still trying to accomplish all of this with the standard of quality they performed with the Halo series. In the beta, we get a peek at all of this. Strangely, it kinda works.

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Heroes and Generals: Showcase

Heroes and Generals:  Showcase

If you take a dash of Planetside, with Battlefield 1942, some Red Orchestra, the spirit of Lance Armstrong, buggy bullshit, shitty grenades and even shittier analogies you get Heroes and Generals.  This game has just been pushed out the gates on Steam and has become Bicycle Simulator 1942.  All the elements that it's borrowed from other games aren't new or inovative like control points, skill trees, and mass scale.  You write it down on paper and it just seems like another boring shit shooter that missed the Medal of Honor days.  Through some right mix of gameplay elements and voodoo, though, this game becomes retardedly fun.  The video below filmed with a potato should send a little light. 


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