Resident Evil HD Remaster

Resident Evil HD Remaster:  My first love was a polygon Jill and tank controls.

It's like battered wife syndrome with Capcom.  For every Marvel vs. Capcom, we get slapped in the face with Remember Me.  Just when you think they want to make it up to you and give you a new Monster Hunter, they push you down a flight of stairs with a new Devil May Cry and kick you a couple of times with Resident Evil 6.  You start thinking about the past and wonder if it will ever be like the good old days, days that were spent with Gunsmoke, Street Fighter, and Saturday Night Slam Masters but the tears well up for another year of forgotten Mega Man.  In this round of domestic violence, Capcom knows it fucked up hard with Resident Evil 6, to the point they know you can put their ass in jail for this kind of blatant abuse.  Now they're asking forgiveness, coming home with a bouquet of flowers and a copy of Resident Evil HD Remastered.  You know.  Just like the old days.


This guy is back with a facelift and still doesn’t like shotguns to the head.

Resident Evil is the grand daddy of survival horror titles from a time when survival horror actually meant “survival”.  You are a sort of special officer investigating strange events in the area when you manage to get trapped in a monster filled mansion.  Ammo is always limited and running away is a perfectly good strategy.  There were fixed camera angles that added to the tension and you could only save if you had an ink ribbon with a typewriter in a room.  It's laughable now with the horrible voice acting and dialog dripping of cheese (“the master of unlocking”), but Resident Evil HD Remastered (SUPER HYPER FIGHTING DELUXE III EX EDITION) is an overhauled version of the Gamecube remake.  The Gamecube remake took the original, removed most of the cheese, updated the textures, added a ton of content, and managed to make the game scary again without having to reinvent the wheel.  This HD Remastered version is an enhanced version of that game, giving it a facelift in the graphics department.

Instead of doing a half-assed port, they actually revamped the textures and lighting.

Complaining about anything in the game is more of a grievance with all gaming from that era.  Forced camera angles, limited ammo, not being able to save when you want to, backtracking for items.  These are not for everyone and for Capcom to fix these “problems” in a remake would be like ripping out all the goofiness that we loved about it in the first place.  There are alternate control settings, but for veterans of the series, they feel out of place and awkward with the camera angles.  I never thought I say this, but tank controls work for this game.  The backtracking is more annoying than I remember, but once you remember the layout of the mansion, you are back home.  They also added a Real Survivor mode for you masochists that love running around like an asshole where the item boxes aren't linked.    

Finish the game to unlock super cute outfits!

There are essentially two types of Resident Evil fans.  The first are action fans that love the gameplay from Resident Evil 4 and want to murder everything.  The second actually miss the fear and tension the originals created.  This player probably stopped playing the series around the Code Veronica timeframe.  As someone who falls somewhere in the middle, the HD Remastered version is awesome.  This is a game that should be picked up by anyone that was ever a fan of the series or those that want that survival horror feeling again.  For those of you that have never set foot in that fucked up mansion, I implore you to get this game ASAP.  You are in for a hell of a ride.