Cradle:  The most beautiful and immersive story about a robot woman stuck in a giant vase.

Steam hasn’t had much quality control ever since Greenlight and the huge success of a select few indie titles. Taking a look at Steam’s front page should give you a hint with the amount of visual novels and clone titles looking for a quick buck. In what seems to be a ray of sunshine in the retro garbage shitting up Steam, comes Cradle, a first person adventure game set in a strangely beautiful setting. For those that can forgive very blatant design problems and a short playthrough, there’s a decent experience in there.

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Broforce:  It's like riding a bald eagle through explosions while shotgunning a can of freedom, shooting an M60 in the air, and Bruce Springsteen rocks the soundtrack.

I'm sure if you could bottle disappointment, the amount you would create from Early Access/ Kickstarter games would be enough to subjugate a nation. After I got burned on Starbound, I made a solemn vow to never buy early release shit ever again. You have no idea how pissed I was at those fucking devs. Then the Broforce trailer came out and I forgot all about the vow and picked up a copy. Broforce is the exception to the “Early Release games are trash” rule. Somehow, the developers managed to compact everything great about action movies, arcade violence, and America and forged a great game from it. Is Broforce worth a purchase? Fuck. Yes.

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Hatred:  It's like playing Postal with cerebral palsy as a cranky Nathan Explosion.

It started with Death Race, then moved onto Wolfenstein 3D. Then we got Mortal Kombat, Doom, and Grand Theft Auto. There was Postal, Manhunt, and that “No Russian” level from Modern Warfare 2. Now we have Hatred as the next entry into the “violence” in video games discussion. Hatred is shamelessly trying to cash in on this. If you strip away the controversy, how is it? Unfortunately, the game itself is like a combination of a retread isometric shooter mixed control that feel like you are rolling your head on the keyboard for results.

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