Resident Evil HD Remaster

Resident Evil HD Remaster:  My first love was a polygon Jill and tank controls.

It's like battered wife syndrome with Capcom.  For every Marvel vs. Capcom, we get slapped in the face with Remember Me.  Just when you think they want to make it up to you and give you a new Monster Hunter, they push you down a flight of stairs with a new Devil May Cry and kick you a couple of times with Resident Evil 6.  You start thinking about the past and wonder if it will ever be like the good old days, days that were spent with Gunsmoke, Street Fighter, and Saturday Night Slam Masters but the tears well up for another year of forgotten Mega Man.  In this round of domestic violence, Capcom knows it fucked up hard with Resident Evil 6, to the point they know you can put their ass in jail for this kind of blatant abuse.  Now they're asking forgiveness, coming home with a bouquet of flowers and a copy of Resident Evil HD Remastered.  You know.  Just like the old days.

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Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Shadowrun: Dragonfall:  In a world of cyber-enhanced weaponry, magic, and hacking, everyone still loves grenades.

The setting is Shadowrun, one of the craziest fucking things every produced. Imagine someone took all of the fantasy elements like magic, elves, and dragons from Dungeons and Dragons and sent it to a cyberpunk future. Corporations run the world, punk rock is still cool, and chopping off your meat arm and replacing it with a cybernetic version that has a gun is a reasonable option. Since corporations run the show, they need people off the books to run their little errands for them. These consist of things like delivering a package to a clandestine rendezvous, stealing corporate secrets from a high security compound, and missions that require more goddamn planning and violence than the movie Heat. These disposable minions are know as Shadowrunners and are in constant danger in getting killed in the most violent ways possible. Shadowrun has made some respectable pushes from the Tabletop RPG into the video game realm. Dragonfall marks the latest entry acting as an expansion to the pretty decent Shadowrun Returns. While it still has some of the same glaring problems as Returns, Dragonfall fixes and adds enough things to be a decent RPG and a great Shadowrun game.

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It Came To The PC!

It Came To The PC!:  A collection of good and free PC games this Halloween season.

This week, we highlight some lesser known and pretty well done horror titles for the PC. For fans of the genre, we are not going to do a “TOP TEN MOST” bullshit list with the same games you see over and over again. Instead, we are going to highlight some well done if lesser known titles that deserve their own time in the sun. Don’t worry about cost as these are all free thanks to a devoted community.

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