Less Than Negative Podcast

Dedicated to looking over the latest in film, gaming, comics, and tech all under the lens of heavy drinking.

LTN Podcast S4E19

The boys are back to save the world again. With their powers combined, Phil, Frank, and Cody bullshit about boeing airplane fun, masculine yoga, coffee boys, Richard Simmons is cool, the Octopus murders, the Pollock conspiracy, we talkin aliens, the eclipse, how often do you think roman empire, culture wars, and fun Kathy Griffon fantasies.


LTN Podcast S4E18

It's the Lisan Al Gaib! The boys talk old school gaming, Helldivers 2 and big business, crypto, Dune 2 and the worm bucket, wrestling and mike tyson, card collecting, super nerd hobbies and running, racing, walking dead and grating characters, once upon a time in hollywood, and Predator deaths analyzed.


LTN Podcast S4E17

Phil's back from New York! The boys hash out Shane Gillis on SNL, the beekeeper, land of bad, ferrari, iron claw, and Madame Web being somehow even worse than Morbius.


LTN Podcast S4E16

Larry is back, baby! Phil and Cody polite engage in conversational riffraff over socks, dress for success, fancy food, parking spots, conspiracy ubers, politics, and the new Curb.


LTN Podcast S4E15Christmas

Bah Humbug! The boys celebrate Christmas movies, Gran Turismo and car shit, Rebel Moon and Zach Snyder shit, more comedy shit and spheres of influence, South Park special, Better Call Saul better than all dat shit, Thanksgiving, and AI recasting Die Hard.


LTN Podcast S4E15

Double Whammy this Christmas! Part 1 from the 17th! The boys kick around the Civil War trailer, farts in the wind, Leave the World Behind, state of comedy today and our contempt/jealousy, Squid Game reality, Killers of the Flower Moon, teh best actor of all time, Diane Lane greatest whore of all time, Monarch Godzilla, and fuck Ferrari shit.


LTN Podcast S4E14

If you want to see Joaquin Phoenix bumbling around like a dickhead, you're going to love Napolean! This episode, Cody rants about Oppenheimer, Napolean bumbling along, the Duelist, the Creator, the Panderverse and reprisals, Phil sees Blue Beetle, Cody goes to AA, Dolly Parton, Fall of the House of Usher and the new Indiana Jones.


LTN Podcast S4E13

The LTN boys want to say that if you are in a healthy relationship with a hot Twi'lik republic general, that's nobody's elses goddamn business but your own. Phil, Cody, and Frank talk good star wars out there and ASSohka, flash sucks, the crow, the cage gauge, end of the Venture Brothers, Modern Drunkard magazine, Insidiously nothing happens, Steven Seagal, fighting racism with booze, more booze, and the call of the gobble gobble.


LTN Podcast S4E12

You may think Totino's and cheap beer go great together, but the aftermath is a goddamn horror show. Pizza roll connoisseurs Phil, Cody, Frank, and El Tiorino discuss Phil's take on barbie, Oppenheimer again, They Cloned Tyrone and the Captain, an argument about nothing, the Paul Reubens, 8:17pm cut the time, and the Pizza Roll dilemma.


LTN Podcast S4E11

The LTN boys are back from their cruise refreshed, sober, and ready to take on the biggest blockbusters of the summer! The knights of the round table talk about their cruise, Oppenheimer vs. Barbie, Sound of Freedom marketing and animosity, Phil petting wolves, Gold, and dem aliens!


LTN Podcast S4E10

If you have served with the 13th, you will never march alone. This week the boys talk and pay tribute to the great actor Ray Stevenson, Heat, Indian movies have no chill, Renfield self help, Owlbears are cool and so is DnD, Evil Dead Rise has no Bruce Campbell, Dar Salim is pretty damn good, the draw of Succession, dollar bin Bruce Willis, and BALENCIAGO!


LTN Podcast S4E9

I swear to God if you guys mess with us, I will make it my mission to get you a part in John Wick 4 starring Alec Baldwin. Phil, Cody, and Frank shoot the shit about weather and x-files, Mando and Disney drama, nice guys on set, dating pornstars and getting pissed on by Saudis, Barry, and Alec Baldwin shootouts.


LTN Podcast S4E8

The boys preferred guns of choice is a Nerf-N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster loaded with .45 hollow points. The boys dance and sing about the Dungeon and Dragons movie, 65 and Mario recasting, Forrest Gump shoalin master, John Wick killing more people, casting comics, ads and GUNS GUNS GUNS!, Picard, Rosanne and TGIF.


LTN Podcast S4E7

The losers gonna lose. Phil, Cody, and Frank honor the superbowl bet and have the time to chat it up about a new puppy and the start of the bets, 26 hour briskets, Hot Ones, network dns, Mandalorian and the Japanese, the Whale, Tarantino and Mk-Ultra.


LTN Podcast S4E6

The boys may fuck up a lot of things in life, but they will never fuck up a grilled cheese. WTF Gordon? This time, the boys discuss and endure the superbowl losses, pulga nachos and mistakes, ship boys, health boys, Chris Rock and the state of comedy, Infinity Pool and that scene, Eyes Wide Shut, Cormac's bad guys, where the good movies are, and shitty shows. I'm talking about you Yellowstone.


LTN Podcast S4E5

The sky people are here to bring culture to you uncivilized blue cat people. The boys talk James Cameron water fests, Tar, Physical 100, tipping the hat to Jackass, The Last of Us, books, the chinese markets, Rick and Morty and domestic violence, upcoming movies, and Turbo Puns.


LTN Podcast S4E4

There is a noticable delay in uploads since our producer is a lazy asshole, so here's the show! Phil, Cody, and Frank talk old school gaming shittalk, Violent Night, Mad God and Fucking Hell, uncomfortable history memorabilia, texas history class, BBQ in Colorado, yelling about the Texas grid, Clerks 3 and Kevin Smith, Phil avoids Andrew Tate discussions, Phil's skate fun, Andrew Tate is not more important than important.


LTN Podcast S4E3

How was your turkey day? Who cares? Thanks to a delayed schedule, it's Christmas time! The boys give thanks for having the following conversations- checking out your checkout items, Popeyes turkey, Atlanta, the Terror and 1899, respect the actor or character, beer runs, Hellraiser kinda sucks and that cabinet show.


LTN Podcast S4E2

Will Cody ever let go of the hate from watching Contact? Probably not. Phil, Cody, and Frank talk Nope and breaking down a film, Contact hate....again, Musk that ftx guy and flying to Mars, The World's End, Andy Dick is a piece of shit, Bill vs Chevy vs Dick, Black Note plug, HEB 4 cheese pasta, Andor!, Bruce Timm, and All quiet on the Western Front.


LTN Podcast Special 2010s Hotness

The final act in a four part series. Is this the end for the LTN crew objectifying women? Probably not.