Hatred:  It's like playing Postal with cerebral palsy as a cranky Nathan Explosion.

It started with Death Race, then moved onto Wolfenstein 3D. Then we got Mortal Kombat, Doom, and Grand Theft Auto. There was Postal, Manhunt, and that “No Russian” level from Modern Warfare 2. Now we have Hatred as the next entry into the “violence” in video games discussion. Hatred is shamelessly trying to cash in on this. If you strip away the controversy, how is it? Unfortunately, the game itself is like a combination of a retread isometric shooter mixed control that feel like you are rolling your head on the keyboard for results.


"That's brutal."

Nathan Explosion forgot his name and musical abilities. He's also a little pissed off since he didn't have a Snickers so he naturally wants to murder everything around him. On the quest for a Snickers, he goes off the rails murdering everything to civilians, cops, and the military. It's not just these guys getting in your way of candy heaven. Nathan seems like he's drunk all the time and has trouble maneuvering through doors, shrubs, and windows. As if things weren't bad enough, you can't even heal yourself properly. Health is gained from executions from downed victims that give Nathan the superpower to clip through walls all the time. Not only do you have to progress through the levels without your sweet metal tunes, but you are also the worst reloader in history. Shouldn't have drank all that tequila last night, bro.

There's no Snickers at the PD you silly billy.

Here's the problem with Hatred. It's a shit game. With all the other games mentioned previously; they, at the very least had decent gameplay. Ok. Ok. Postal sucked but at least it was funny. Hatred is just marketing towards controversy with violence in video games. The problems is no one cares. They've all moved from that to gender equality bullshit or something. What you are left with is a version of Postal that takes itself way too seriously.