Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3:  Much like real life, a big club and a lot of trial and error will get you through most things in life.

I have to tell you that I am a big fan of the series and what will be said will be a bit biased. The unique nature of the games has hit a soft spot amidst the unoriginality of games as of late. That being said, these games are not for everyone. I don’t mean that you have to be an “I only play hardcore games” player to enjoy them, but the reputation of being Nintendo-hard is a big gate that not everyone wants to jump into. That and some people really don’t give a shit about stabbing things with a sword. Those that do just might find the reward is well worth the price of admission even if you end up throwing the controller at your cat.

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Doom Beta

Doom Beta:  Not enough gibs.

If you didn’t get to play the Doom Beta over the weekend, I’m going to save you some time if you considered picking it up for multiplayer down the road. It sucks. Are you sad about it? Yeah. Me too. Somehow, the team behind the multiplayer portion of the game managed to make a boring, imbalanced, and forgettable arena shooter and slapped a Doom logo on.

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Devil Daggers

Devil Daggers:  If I could shoot knives from my fingers…. I’d be a weird motherfucker.

It’s a retro arena shooter type thing with a Quake vibe and a haunting ambience. It’s also hard as shit, addictive, and one of the coolest visual styles I have ever seen. This game is a must play for those that have even the tiniest amount of nostaligia for shooters of old. There’s not much more to it that blowing away skull monsters while frantically trying not to get murdered, but for five bucks, that’s fine by me. I’m really hoping that they decide to make another game with this art style, but I guess we’ll see.