Fury: A gritty WWII film centering on a tank crew and Brad Pitt’s amazing hair.


You’ve seen the lukewarm trailer. You have seen the hair you wish you had. You’ve seen Shia Lebeouf’s antics in the news and filming. We have been through a run of bad reviews with games and movies here on the site and I was actually scared to see the film. But, it looks like for the moment that the spell is broken. Fury is out and while it is cliché a few times, it’s a pretty solid, if gritty war film.

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Left Behind

Left Behind:  All Dogs Don't Go To Heaven.

Disclaimer:I am about to talk shit on one of the most beloved fundamentalist Christian plotlines ever made. I don't mean to take fire against religion or religion in general....at least not directly. This is not the Passion of the Christ here. This film legitimately blows donkey dick. If you do take offense to my stance, then for starters, you might want to leave since this is actually kind of mild compared to the other shit lining the walls around here. You could also just find it in your heart to....forgive....me?

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy: A green chick, a tattooed wrestler, Chris Pratt, a tree, and a raccoon walk into a bar...


The next in line for Marvel's seemingly unstoppable set of films is Guardians of the Galaxy. Five space outlaws must come together and prevent an evil power from destroying a planet. At a basic level, it's essentially Marvel's bandit comedy version of Star Wars. Is that a bad thing? Nope. Is the film any good? Oh,yes.

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