The Raid 2

The Raid 2: Fucking People up at 500mph


I will start this off by telling you to go RIGHT FUCKING NOW and see The Raid: Redemption if you haven't done so already.  GO!



. didn't go did you?  Fuck it.  Your loss.

Sylvester Stallone tweeted the following -”We believe we can do better than the Raid, which was an excellent film...  Raising the bar...”  This man is second guessing his work that has Jackie Chan, Arnold,  Bruce Willis, Randy Couture, and Dolph Lundgren.  It even has fucking Terry Crews.  There is enough testosterone that after viewing, you could sharpen knives with your dick.  Women would instantly be pregnant.  Why is he trying to up the bar after this Indonesian film that cost a little over a paltry million to make?  Well, if the Expendables is pure testosterone, The Raid is pure action.  The Expendables cannot beat The Raid.  Only The Raid can beat The Raid....and it did.

Rama has fucked more people up than Robotussin.

After the events of the first film, Rama has survived but can't let it be known due to the corruption of the police department.  The only way out is through.  Now his only option is to infiltrate one of the local crime syndicates and take them down.  Seeing as how this would never be easy on paper or otherwise, expect that every other scene will have someone getting fucked up.  That's not to say that the plot is a throwaway.  It's not Shakespeare by any means, but it's solid enough to stand on its own and moves at breakneck speed.

Since this is essentially action incarnate, it would only make sense to talk about the action scenes.  The words, “Holy Fucking Shit.” come to mind.  There are no punches pulled when it comes to violence and murder.  Scenes are choreographed so well that the blooper reel probably sent a few guys to the ER.  From traditional action scenes, you may have some slow down to show how awesome a shot is or breaks in tension to give some breathing room for the next scene.  I am here to tell you the Raid 2 does none of that shit.  Every action scene is brutal and does not let up.  Example:  Prior to the insane car chase scene, there are three scenes of violence 10 minutes prior.  One is a major plot point while two have Rama fucking up/getting fucked up by bad guys.  This movie is 2 ½ hours long.  There aren't many moments where it lets up.

Dildo Fight!

This is a movie that must be seen by action or martial art fans.  I haven't been this pumped during a film since Ong-Bak or the Dark Knight.  I have no idea how they can top it seeing as how they set the bar this high.  Can the Raid 3 (here's hoping) be the only thing that can kill the Raid 2?  Here's to hoping Hollywood tries.