Chernobyl: If you want to feel depressed for five hours of your life, boy do I have a show for you.

HBO is trying really hard to keep you with their services after that diarreaha fountain that was the Game of Thrones finale. It was an assault of promos that featured magic bears, doped up teenagers, tophat lesbians, and some bizarre Watchmen thing. I don’t think that seeing promos for a Blade Runner Westworld or even new Curb Your Enthusiasm was enough calm people the fuck down from that disastrous cripple fueled GoT ending. In the fury, HBO almost quietly released probably one of the most depressing and fascinating mini-series about melting people ever released.

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Iron Fist

Iron Fist:  The Steven Seagal of Marvel’s TV series


You probably have seen the reviews rolling in and Iron Fist is getting slapped around pretty hard. They aren’t necessarily wrong. Iron Fist is easily the weakest of Marvel’s Netflix offerings. It’s not complete dogshit, but bad enough to wonder what the fuck producers were thinking. Enter Danny Rand. Plane crash survivor. Child abuse victim. Mental patient. Master of mediocre martial arts. The Fifth Defender. The Iron Fist.

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The Expanse

The Expanse:  Fedoras in space.

If you take off the classics from the table, the extremely small genre of science fiction television sucks a big floppy one. For every Next Generation, you have Seaquest and Earth: The Final Conflict. For every X-Files, you have Cleopatra 2525 and Space: Above and Beyond. The Syfy channel (the name never stops being stupid) has been trying to hit those sweet TV bucks by pumping out their own shows. They have been more or less shitty. The Expanse is their latest gamble and it’s safe to say that it’s not bad at all.

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