The Purge: Anarchy Review

The Purge: Anarchy: Oh shit, it's Frank Grillo!

 Holy shit Frank, it's been a long time! You were that dude from End of Watch and the cool trainer from Warrior. That was you too wasn't it in Captain America? Oh shit! You're going to be Crossbones. Motherfucking, Crossbones! That's cool, man! Dude. I think you have what it takes to be the next Punisher. What?! You're going to play a Punisher-like character? BAD-ASS! Which movie? The Purge? Anarchy? Oh.... that's cool. Well. The Purge, huh? Uh. Cool. Alright, man. What? No no no. It's nothing, man. It's a cool idea, sure. Sure. Well...I'll catch you later.


The Purge: Anarchy is the sequel to a horror movie that enough people liked for some reason. Apparently this only fits the previous in theme and setting. This is nothing but a good thing seeing every single character in the first is forgettable and story is just another scary house theme with a TWEEST. Don't agree with me? Name any of the family members without using Google. The only cool thing about the first movie was the setting. America, for some goofy reason, went full blown republitard that had some political group “The New Founding Fathers” push out a new national holiday known as The Purge. 12 hours on one day out of the year, citizens of America are given a pass on any crime they commit, including murder. This film takes place in a more exciting setting downtown of a major city rather than some suburb surrounded by bored teenagers.

"I must punish the....I must do the right thin...fuck it." BANG BANG BANG

The movie centers around four groups of people in the city dealing with the events of the purge that all end up meeting together in predictable circumstances. Since most of the cast has the shittiest luck or the shittiest common sense, it's up to Frank Castle.....I mean......Frank Grillo......what the fuck was his name?...........the Punisher.......fuck it. The Punisher has to lead the baby ducks out of mobs of creepy teens, bored nut jobs, military dressed like 80's Cobra villains, and rich sociopaths. Lucky for the hapless baby ducks, Punisher is kind of a badass as a no name protagonist should be.

One of these guys is from the Purge : Anarchy. One of these guys is from Batman Forever.

In all honesty, the setting is awesome for action movies. You are able to create a giant free fire zone that people are able experience that shootout scene in Heat against crazy assholes or any sort of silly dressed fucks that you can invent. The problem is that it is a horror movie that tries to build tension with spooky, psychotic characters that are not so scary against the 7.62 rounds that Punisher is repeatedly pumping into them. The other problem that the movie has is that I have no fucking clue what it is trying to preach about. Is it overpopulation? Gun Control? Non-Violence? Capitalism? Conservatism? There are so many conflicting actions and reactions that may have been made (or not seeing as how the underlying themes may have been penned by two drunk sociology majors trying to one up each other) that it is hard to understand or even care. Fuck it. As a movie, it's structurally not bad if you can get past the predictable plot, the spooky mask antagonists, and all over the place plot holes. As a Punisher audition tape, it's not bad either.