Xenonauts:  Jean Moreau, I will watch you die slowly you craven bitch.

So aliens are invading Earth and it's up to me, my scientists, engineers, and elite group of door kicking badasses to turn the tide.  Our first mission runs as well as you could expect in a first encounter.  Aside from one person freaking out from blood loss, running away, and finally bleeding to death in a barn; we managed to murder all xeno scum from the farmland and take the corpses back to base as trophies.  The rest of my squad performed admirably and I just viewed the freakout as some freak occurrence that wouldn't deter the efforts of our team to save the human race.  We must purge the squads weakness.  It looks like we have a real shot putting a dent in the invasion.  Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death.  Let's go save the human race, fuckers.  We set up some research and start to track down signals in the sky.  An alert goes out and Russian reports a wreck in the middle of their country.  Charlie-1 is sent to investigate.  

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