Krampus:  How Christmas Vacation should have ended.

Horror and Christmas don’t really go together in film. Many have tried to tackle it and only Gremlins managed to pierce Olympus. I’m seriously not sure how the hell that could have happened without Gizmo, but as it stands, that’s what we got. Now we have Krampus which is the latest in a shot for the title. In the most unlikely and arguably unwanted attempt to be bring home the belt, I’m scratching my head when I say that it works.

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The Martian vs. Sicario

The Martian vs. Sicario: Put in a deep pit and forced to fight their way out, who comes out on top?

One is a man’s journey for survival on a barren and hostile planet where hope and science are the only things that can help him survive. The other is a gritty thriller depicting the harsh realities of cartel violence in Mexico through the eyes of an FBI field agent way over her head. We stack them up toe to toe to find out which film comes out on top.

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War Room

War Room:  The award for "Most Full of Shit Title" goes to...

I impulsively watched this shit under the impression that this movie was going to be some sort of military thriller where angry men would yell at each other while planning life-saving operations. Well, fuck you Cody. This shit is going to be about prayer and fixing marriages. Fuck that noise. Instead of fixing the title, we are going to fix this motherfucker by completely overhauling the plot.

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