The Interview

The Interview:  The sexual tension between Rogan and Franco is more overbearing than the political bullshit surrounding the movie itself.

So it all started with a movie that not a lot of people cared to begin with that made it the target of not only hackers, but the batshit insane regime of North Korea. It starts to get muddled here, but this movie caused hackers (who may or may have not been backed by NK) to hack into the Sony movie network (who may or may not have been administrated by someone that was probably really good at setting up their mom’s router and pretty much only that) to release a bunch of insider e-mails and rips of upcoming movies. Previously, The Interview caused Kim Jong-Un to flip his shit and declare this an act of war. This was further complicated when said hackers warned of terroristic threats against the screening causing Sony to pull their film out of theaters as well as interviews with both stars. Now a shitty Rogan/Franco movie has become political as Obama starts waving the finger at Sony. “A mistake”, he calls it scolding Sony like a kid that has been caught jerking off to pictures of My Little Pony porn. Now seemingly shamed by the leader of the free world or buying their time from a marketing perspective, Sony has made The Interview available online…for a fee of course. So if you put all this bullshit aside, how actually is the movie? It’s kinda like a watered down Rogan/Franco comedy with a few genuine funny parts.


It's like watching gay porn without the sex scenes. Friendship porn? I'm at a loss.

We find Franco playing Dave Skylark, a moderately successful celebrity journalist who boosts his ratings by revealing Eminem is gay, discovering Rob Lowe is actually bald, or whatever name drop The Interview producers want to wedge in for a quick laugh. Skylark’s SUPER BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD is his producer Aaron who counteracts Dave’s almost flamboyant optimism with traditional Roganesque rationalism and reasonably freaking out at times when the audience forgets how much is at stake with the plot. They are quick to find out that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is a fan of the show and wants to setup a live interview with the entire world. The CIA is quick to jump at the opportunity to assassinate the renegade leader persuading the two to get the job done. The CIA’s plan goes south the moment Aaron and Dave get to North Korea in traditional comedy fashion. Their plan is further complicated when Dave becomes sympathetic to Kim Jong-Un creating a friendship forged from Katie Perry music, blowing shit up with tanks, and sex with hot Korean women.

Nukes. Tanks. Korean bitches. It's good to be da king.

Right out of the gate, you are assaulted with the running joke from This is the End where Rogan and Franco are best friends for life. Actually there are a lot of these jokes running from their other movies. The Rogan/Franco duo is not necessarily a bad thing and they are two funny men that pair really well together. The script is doesn’t leave much for the two to work with as they can only try to fill in the gaps in setups. The story also feels a little to propagandist towards the end (The song Winds of Change at the end? Really?) and kinda muddles the whole “Kim Jong-Un is not a bad guy” sort of vibe they were going for. Thinking on this shit more, I’m not sure exactly what the fuck they were trying to get at with the script. But as a straight up comedy, this is the movie you’ve seen before except this time in North Korea and a little boring.

Synchronizing watches to getting paid and away from this piece of shit.

The Interview as a film is…okay at best. Team America already did this movie and better. This is a movie no one would have probably gave a shit about had it not been for all the press and politics behind it. But, seeing as all the shit behind it makes it matter now, fuck it. Even if it all does smell like a publicity stunt from Sony and does kind of suck, it pisses Kim Jong-Un enough for me to recommend it. Fuck that guy. He’s a dick.