Fantastic Four vs. Dragonball Z: R

Fantastic Four vs. Dragonball Z:R Put in a deep pit and forced to fight their way out, who comes out on top?

This week, we are taking two sets of heroes and pushing them head to head. In one corner, we have the second reboot of the Fantastic Four, a family that inherited superpowers from a cosmic accident that works together to save the world. Reed Richards big brain is complimented by his hot wife, the Human Torch, and the Thing who punches things a lot. Fighting in the other corner is Dragonball Z, which has an insane history coupled with an equally insane amount of VHS tapes. Goku and friends work to train hard and fight threats to Earth by punching people through rock and shooting energy blasts that could power a major city for years. Let’s break it down and see who comes out on top.

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Ant-Man:  How Marvel replaced the wife-beating and neurosis with a likeable lead and a good movie.

Henry Pym, the original Ant-Man, has one of the most complicated histories in the Marvel Universe. He's stepped into the roles of Ant-Man, Giant-Man, and Yellowjacket. He was prone to fits of depression and even hit his wife when she tried to convince him that creating an Avengers beating robot that only he could put down was fucking dumb. He's been suicidal, fooled around with a robot, created Ultron, has been kicked off the Avengers multiple times, and was told by a cosmic deity that he is “Scientist Supreme”. So instead of creating a film that explains the turbulent and complicated history of one of the most controversial Avengers, they chose to forget all that stupid shit and create a good movie instead.

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Jurassic World

Jurassic World:  Dino Park II goes to shit while Chris Pratt strengthens his resume.

Raise your hand if you like dinosaurs and violence. Since that should be every hand in the room, it's a fucking no brainer that we need to pump out a sequel to the king of all “dinosaurs get out of the park and murder people” movies. As much as Jurassic Park was loved, you'd be stupid not to make the sequel. Since they have already made two that everyone wants to forget, a revamp was definitely in order. Also, now that Chris Pratt is flying high with all that action hero money, he's the safe bet for your lead if you want to up the ante on your Dino murder movie. How did it go? Well, if you like dinosaurs and violence, just turn off your brain and you’ll be fine. The rest of you will have to wade through a dino-sized pool of stupid to get to the decent parts.

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