The Stuff

The Stuff:  I'm going to try to avoid semen jokes.

Larry Cohen does not give a fuck. Almost specializing in the art of the “B” film, the writer/director has given us such classics as Black Caesar, Maniac Cop III, and Original Gangstas. He also utilized Billy Dee Williams in the worst way with Deadly Illusion while making a movie titled Uncle Sam a horror film. The man just doesn't peddle in shit....he revels in it. God bless him for it, for without him, we wouldn't have one of the most ridiculous plots in horror film history with The Stuff.

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American Ninja

American Ninja:  Who else can wield a blade that never cuts.

Ninja, or as they were then known as Shinobi, started to pop up in history around the 15th century. At the time, they were consider infiltrators, scouts, and assassins. There were two clans that produced professionally trained ninja but many were mercenaries favored due to being flexible or even dismissive of the strict Bushido code. They were the masters of stealth and perfected their craft so well it turned into a verb. Their skill throughout history is marred with myth and legend due to the secretive nature of their duties. But there is one thing that the Japanese couldn't account for. They couldn't have anticipated the rad awesomeness of.....AMERICAN NINJA.

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Robocop: The revenge story of a cop turned VCR against all of Detroit.

It’s a film that if you wrote the plot points on paper, it doesn’t seem to work. Murdered cop in the future gets turned into a crime fighting cyborg and seeks revenge on those that wronged him. If you never have seen it, it sounds fucking stupid. The director also though so when he chunked it in the fucking trash. Peter Weller said it was the worst moment in his life since the suit made him sweat “bucketloads” and took 10 hours to get into. They almost pulled the plug on the film until they brought in a professional mime to strip the suit and get him to move like a cop turned toaster. In the end they pulled it off. Not only did they manage to make one of the most dystopian corporate satires come to life, but they created one of, if not THE, most violent action movies ever filmed in its time.

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