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  • Budget Boozing: An Economic Guide for a Leisure Lifestyle

    Budget Boozing: An Economic Guide for a Leisure Lifestyle

    You’re the person that has worked a long week at your dead end job trying to make it to that glorious weekend. You’re also in desperate need of getting fucked up. You open the air conditioned nirvana of that liquor store’s front door and gaze at the army of bottles lined up all seemingly waiting to give you the best stories of your life. But alas, your wallet screams in pain as the top shelf bottles tease you with their smooth deliciousness looking down at the peasant you are. “No!”, you cry out in anger. “FUCK YOU!”, is your battlecry as you grab a dusty bottle from the bottom shelf and raise Excalibur to the sky. The mission is to get trashed, and let no mortal or budget consideration stand between you and alcoholic bliss! Raise your head in spite of the social conventions of these “connoisseurs” or “people of reason”. LET NO MAN, WOMAN, OR BEAST TEAR ASUNDER WHAT YOU HAVE RAISED!

  • The Four Loko Challenge

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  • JSA: The Golden Age

    JSA: The Golden Age: Characters you never really cared about have one the best fights in comic history.


    Robotman. Mr. Terrific. Manhunter. The Atom. Starman. Hourman. Liberty Belle. What is seemingly a roster of leftover superheroes comprises the Justice Society of America. While I can safely say I never really cared for their comics, what is shown in The Golden Age is nothing short of awesome for any fan of the medium. What we get from artist Paul Smith (various X-titles) and James Robinson (Starman) is a great pulp comic story straight out of the 50's with an end fight that ranks in one of the best in comic history.

  • Minibar Review

    Minibar:  Someone took the most important wishes and made them come true.

    It should have been a no brainer, but someone has come up with a service that gets the booze from your the liquor store straight to your lazy ass. It just started here in San Antonio and some other major cities.  How does it hold up? We rolled the dice and tested it out on a Saturday evening.

  • Shadowrun (Genesis)

    Shadowrun:  It’s like D&D with guns in the future with evil corporations and the Lawnmower Man in a 16 bit package.

    Joshua’s life stops to a halt when he gets word that his brother is dead. A shadowrun went bad. Bad is an understatement since it got reported in national news from the cybereyes of one of his dead partners. He flies to Seattle to a coffin motel where his only clues come from a shady manager holding his brother’s gear for a price. After doing jobs for equally shady Mr. Johnsons (middle men of corporations that hire out highly illegal work of varying degrees) he gets enough cash to get the gear and sort out what the hell went wrong. Three of his contacts come up from the holopix in his possession. Three people are the clues that Joshua needs to settle the bill.

  • Newcastle Mini Keg

    Newcastle Mini Keg:  I'm actually pissed that this wasn't invented sooner.

    Compared to the rest of advancements in human technology like computers, transportation, and medicine, the art of getting fucked up off of beer has not really moved forward as much as it should. The creation of the keg and the mighty 40oz have helped moved things forward but all we've had recently that stands out is the wide mouth lip and putting caffeine in the hooch. Kegerators and the Beertender are great, but still a little too expensive for your casual drinker. Enter the Newcastle Mini Keg that is cheap, runs an internal draught system, and can easily fit in your fridge.

  • Shipyard Pumpkin Ale

    Shipyard Pumpkin Ale:  Fuck you pumpkin pie, I have pumpkin AND alcohol.

    Well, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s time to stuff your face with turkey, stuffing, shitty vegetable dishes, and pumpkin beer! Of all the shit people spray with pumpkin flavor when Fall comes around, I have to say fortifying beer with pumpkin reigns supreme.

  • Snatcher

    Snatcher (Sega CD):  If Blade Runner was an anime and you got to shoot the Terminator.

    Hideo Kojima will forever be associated with Metal Gear, but not many know of his other, less popular games like Snatcher. It was one of the first visual novels for American audiences and one of the only good games the failing Sega-CD it ever featured. Naturally, no one heard of it and it trickled down into obscurity as Konami pushed more Contra, Castlevania, and Metal Gear to a demanding audience. It’s a shame with Snatcher since it was one of the coolest experiences you could have had for the system once you got over Sonic CD and the Dragon’s Lair bullshit.

  • The Parker Series

    The Parker Series:  The biggest bastard you’ll never admit wanting to be.

    “When a fresh-faced guy in a Chevy offered him a lift, Parker told him to go to hell. The guy said, “Screw you, buddy,” yanked his Chevy back into the stream of traffic, and roared on down to the tollbooths. Parker spat in the right-hand lane, lit his last cigarette, and walked across the George Washington Bridge.”

  • GTARMA Tears


  • Planetary

    Planetary:  The story of superhero archeologists beating the shit out of the Fantastic Four while romping through comic history.

    Superhero archeologists are probably a rough pitch to sell to a comic company even with the loose reigns of Wildstorm in mind. I'm sure it helped that Warren Ellis just had The Authority and Transmetropolitan under his belt, so I'm sure the higher ups said, “Fuck, it. It's crazy, but you're crazy enough to make it work.” So armed with John Cassaday's breakthrough art and Laura Depuy's (Martin) coloring, Ellis set to work on Planetary. It has since become one of the most interesting, beautiful, and awesome works to this day all while managing to add a certain amount of mysticism to comic history.

  • Man Vs. Toddler


  • Blind Piece of Shit


  • Commando Drinkathon

    Commando Drinkathon:  The Less Than Negative crew gets stupid with the cheesiest/greatest movie in Arnold's armory.

    Saturday- June 27th: "Come on Bennett. Let off some steam" The LTN crew is going to tackle the Commando drinking game featuring the star of all stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Our dossier of the toughest black ops drinkers include Phil who has been trained the wino style and has extensive catalog of whiskey experience. He also single handedly rescued beer from a hot LZ in New Orleans while fighting off swarms of homeless NVA.  Our next operative is Rob who excels at tech and sports knowledge. Give this guy a six pack of Rolling Rock, a spool of chicken wire, a 1st gen iPod, and a lvl 100 Dwarf, he breech any defense. Our last specialist is a master at digging and getting hit with a shovel. Cody creates a tapestry of typos in articles when fueled by cheap whiskey and White Castle sliders.

    Synchronize your watches:  8:00pm Central

    Where?:  Our UStream Channel

  • The LTN Superbowl Bet Party

    LTN Superbowl Bet:  The only winning move is not to play.

    The Die has been cast and it has will be decided. The Less Than Negative crew makes their Superbowl bets in the most abusive way possible.  The bets are as follows-

    • Phil- Seahawks (Gives up nicotine for a month in all forms if loses)
    • Rob- Seahawks (Shaves his beard if loses)
    • Cody- Patriots (Gives up drinking for a month if loses)

    The announcements of losers will be updated in this article once the final score is tallied.  May God have mercy on all our souls.

  • Robocop vs Terminator

    Robocop vs Terminator:  Robocop vs Terminator: If twelve year olds had an illustrated argument


    While I still love slap bracelets, Pogs, and Hypercolor shirts, the 90's was fucking ridiculous. Comics were getting pretty crazy too with the crazy collector's covers and an endless supply of first issues that never amounted to anything. While Image Comics was starting to boom and the mega X-Men events overshadowed everything, Dark Horse Comics was quietly sitting in corner churning out licensed comics like Aliens and Predator. One of those gems was Robocop vs Terminator who was written by the critically acclaimed and eventually insane Frank Miller. Such an epic concept could only be drawn by Walt Simonson who did the impossible and made Thor suck less. It was if the stars aligned and put a supremely talented duo to take a severely retarded idea and make it awesome. What we have is the most beautiful train wreck carefully crafted that could ever come from a comic where a cyborg cops punches the shit out of assassin robots.

  • Tin Cup American Whiskey

    Tin Cup American Whiskey

    Good and cheap is hard to come by these days when purchasing a sipping whiskey. Tincup American Whiskey (technically bourbon) falls into both of these necessary categories, and at around $25 for a 750ml bottle, Tincup is a game changer. Gone are the days of compromising on taste and price for a decent whiskey that you can sip straight out of the bottle. Jim Beam, I’m looking right at you old friend.

  • Patrice O'Neal on Why Independence Day Sucks


  • Come to Daddy

    One of the most tripped out videos ever made.


  • Fast and Furious Improv

    I mean....the Rock was born to smack talk on your roodypoo candy ass.