Minibar Review


Spoiler Alert. It's fucking great. We used their site on a Saturday evening to get a six pack of Newcastle, 5 Red Bulls, a bottle of vodka, and a cheap bottle of wine. There's not any blatant mark up on the website when you place the order except a $5 dollar delivery charge plus tip, which is perfectly fine. Who the fuck wants to put on pants on a day off? Anyway, once the order was placed, it got here a little over an hour and the beer and Red Bulls were fucking cold. Fucking sweet. You can order from their website or use their phone app on IOS or Android. If you have a dependency problem, you can even set up weekly orders. Look. Let's be real here. These guys aren't paying us for this shit (God fucking knows someone needs to), but word needs to come out that we need more services like this. Ordering booze online from Minibar is fucking sex and if it was a 3rd grade english paper, it would get a fucking gold star stick right next to the 100% it earned.

Check it out on their website.