Enter the Seagalcolypse

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road:  No bullshit, this is probably the best action movie to come out in years.

Sit down and shut the fuck up for a second. I know that Furious 7 was a hard sell for you with the silly, over the top action coated with lines of extra cheese. I still stand by the movie's stupid mindless fun with their commitment to an equally stupid story. Age of Ultron had an easy pitch. A movie with more Marvel characters beating the shit out of each other in residential areas with the promise of new character reveals is kind of a must watch for a comic fan. Along comes Fury Road, tumbling along with a new actor for Max and a reboot for the series trying to elbow its way between a ridiculous amount of summer blockbusters. It is with great joy and relief that I say that Fury Road works as an action film, a reboot of the series, and having a really good story. It's really shitty that Star Wars is sucking all the year's hype as this is easily a contender for action film of the year.

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Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron  How the Most Beautiful Woman in the world learned to love a Giant Green Monster.

The summer blockbusters have fired their opening salvo. As a precursor to the event, Furious 7 couldn't have predicted its ridiculous billion dollar 3 week run. Seriously. Holy shit. Now Age of Ultron has answered the call looking to set another example with superhero friends fucking up bad guys. Is it good or not? If you are a fan of comics or the Marvel movies, it's great. If you are walking into the movie with little to no experience with superheroes in general, it's still great but confusing as fuck. Let me explain for someone who has no background in Marvel comics.

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