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  • BirgirPall: The Forest


  • Dennis Hopper on Apocalypse Now

    Pretty insightful to the overall chaos on the set.


  • The Afghan Interpreters


  • Paper vs. 50 Cal


  • h3h3 and Frank

    <p><span style="line-height: 1.3em;">{youtube}3kkzs7zH_DY|640|385|0{/youtube}</span></p>

  • Sicario Dinner Scene


  • Working with Bruce WIllis


  • Gay Thug Trying To Sell A Couch

    ...and other things.


  • Why New Country Sucks


  • Actraiser

    Actraiser:  Why would a god need a hi-score?

    For its time, Actraiser was an awesomely weird title for the SNES putting you in the shoes of a god protecting a people who may be dumber than the scientists in Prometheus. In what could've have been just a mediocre action title killing tree people, evil baboons, and armored centaurs, the designers put a strange management game where you help expand your people's cities. Don't get me wrong. I loved bashing the shit outta centaurs with a sword about as big as the character but this weird city management thing made this game unique and pretty fun.

  • When you gotta go....

    Even the aliens thought Colonial Marines was shit...


  • Baroness - Shock Me


  • Super Bingo!


  • Old Man Boxing


  • Between Two Ferns: Brad Pitt


  • The Raid: Redemption Kill Count


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  • Walter White Pharmacist


  • Filmage: The Story Of Descendents/All - Official Trailer