JSA: The Golden Age


Dynaman: If Superman was a super-racist, a drug addict, and worshiped Satan.

Set in the aftermath of the second world war, many of the golden age heroes have retired from the super-powered lives and are still struggling with the adjustment of having a normal day-to-day. Hourman is a drug addict.  Alan Scott (the Green Lantern) is struggling with his business, Starman is going through a mental breakdown, and Mr. Terrific turned into an asshole.  However, Lex Thompson has returned from the war a hero to an adorning American public.  Having become a senator, Lex is now recruiting a new group of heroes for a seemingly new age. He even takes Dan the Dyna-Mite (yeah I know) and transforms him into Dynaman, a hero of Superman-like abilities. But all isn't as it seems with Thompson. Manhunter afflicted with a bout of amnesia, is being hunted by unknown forces. In his head lies a dark secret behind Thompson's rise to power that culminates into a showdown between the former heroes and the overpowered Dynaman.

I won't lie. The main attraction to this comic is the fight, but the buildup to it and the stories the other characters bring to the table is just as good. For those that have even a passing interest in the heroes of DC's past will probably find this take a great look in comic historical fiction. For those just wanting a good read, JSA: The Golden Age should be a title next to greats.


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