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  • Planetary

    Planetary:  The story of superhero archeologists beating the shit out of the Fantastic Four while romping through comic history.

    Superhero archeologists are probably a rough pitch to sell to a comic company even with the loose reigns of Wildstorm in mind. I'm sure it helped that Warren Ellis just had The Authority and Transmetropolitan under his belt, so I'm sure the higher ups said, “Fuck, it. It's crazy, but you're crazy enough to make it work.” So armed with John Cassaday's breakthrough art and Laura Depuy's (Martin) coloring, Ellis set to work on Planetary. It has since become one of the most interesting, beautiful, and awesome works to this day all while managing to add a certain amount of mysticism to comic history.

  • Man Vs. Toddler


  • The LTN Superbowl Bet Party

    LTN Superbowl Bet:  The only winning move is not to play.

    The Die has been cast and it has will be decided. The Less Than Negative crew makes their Superbowl bets in the most abusive way possible.  The bets are as follows-

    • Phil- Seahawks (Gives up nicotine for a month in all forms if loses)
    • Rob- Seahawks (Shaves his beard if loses)
    • Cody- Patriots (Gives up drinking for a month if loses)

    The announcements of losers will be updated in this article once the final score is tallied.  May God have mercy on all our souls.

  • Robocop vs Terminator

    Robocop vs Terminator:  Robocop vs Terminator: If twelve year olds had an illustrated argument


    While I still love slap bracelets, Pogs, and Hypercolor shirts, the 90's was fucking ridiculous. Comics were getting pretty crazy too with the crazy collector's covers and an endless supply of first issues that never amounted to anything. While Image Comics was starting to boom and the mega X-Men events overshadowed everything, Dark Horse Comics was quietly sitting in corner churning out licensed comics like Aliens and Predator. One of those gems was Robocop vs Terminator who was written by the critically acclaimed and eventually insane Frank Miller. Such an epic concept could only be drawn by Walt Simonson who did the impossible and made Thor suck less. It was if the stars aligned and put a supremely talented duo to take a severely retarded idea and make it awesome. What we have is the most beautiful train wreck carefully crafted that could ever come from a comic where a cyborg cops punches the shit out of assassin robots.

  • Commando Drinkathon

    Commando Drinkathon:  The Less Than Negative crew gets stupid with the cheesiest/greatest movie in Arnold's armory.

    Saturday- June 27th: "Come on Bennett. Let off some steam" The LTN crew is going to tackle the Commando drinking game featuring the star of all stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Our dossier of the toughest black ops drinkers include Phil who has been trained the wino style and has extensive catalog of whiskey experience. He also single handedly rescued beer from a hot LZ in New Orleans while fighting off swarms of homeless NVA.  Our next operative is Rob who excels at tech and sports knowledge. Give this guy a six pack of Rolling Rock, a spool of chicken wire, a 1st gen iPod, and a lvl 100 Dwarf, he breech any defense. Our last specialist is a master at digging and getting hit with a shovel. Cody creates a tapestry of typos in articles when fueled by cheap whiskey and White Castle sliders.

    Synchronize your watches:  8:00pm Central

    Where?:  Our UStream Channel

  • Tin Cup American Whiskey

    Tin Cup American Whiskey

    Good and cheap is hard to come by these days when purchasing a sipping whiskey. Tincup American Whiskey (technically bourbon) falls into both of these necessary categories, and at around $25 for a 750ml bottle, Tincup is a game changer. Gone are the days of compromising on taste and price for a decent whiskey that you can sip straight out of the bottle. Jim Beam, I’m looking right at you old friend.

  • Patrice O'Neal on Why Independence Day Sucks


  • Fast and Furious Improv

    I mean....the Rock was born to smack talk on your roodypoo candy ass.


  • Batman (NES)

    Batman (NES):  If I had to wall jump everywhere, I would probably kill the Joker too.

    Batman still stands as one of the best games for the NES in so many ways, but it sure as hell isn't for sticking close to the Tim Burton film or using a lot of reference from the comics. Looking at a ton of other comic book games for the system (Wolverine, Silver Surfer, X-Men), that's probably a good thing. In this version of Batman, he fucking loves guns, bounces off of walls to get around, and opts for industrial factories rather than the streets of Gotham. Despite all of this that might irk purists, it's still really good. Even if you took out Batman, it would still stand up as one of the best action platformers made for the system.

  • Come to Daddy

    One of the most tripped out videos ever made.


  • Mutant League Football

    Actraiser:  "They won't carry this guy off the field on a stretcher, they'll carry him off in a sponge."

    Traditionally most gamers fall into about three different groups. The first are your hardcore simulation players. These guys can tell you why it’s reasonable to buy a $400 dollar flight stick or show off their racing chair in front of a triple display setup. The second are your hardcore sports fanatics. You’ve probably met these people as they are probably the only fuckers to ever own a multitap so their can yell racial slurs at each other playing Fifa and the latest Madden. Then you have everyone else. In an attempt to make a sports game appeal to everyone else, Mutant League Football was created. It wasn’t the first to bridge the gap, but it was the first at being able to run into a landmine during a play, bribe the ref, or kill the entire opposing team.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Comic Primer

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Comic Primer

    Cosmic Marvel got a serious kick in the ass with Annihilation and the subsequent Annihilation: Conquest. Back at Earth, you had the underwhelming Civil War where heroes were pitted against each other over secret identities. Up in space, you had seemingly forgotten and b-list characters rise up, become total badasses, and end up stopping huge armies with scarily powerful enemies. Needless to say that Cosmic Marvel was doing the right thing by comic fans.

  • Too Much Cream


  • Blind Piece of Shit


  • The Amazing Spider-Man (2015)

    The Amazing Spider-Man:  After years of shitting on Parker, a ray of light hits the current arc.

    Anyone who has been a fan of Spider-Man has been through some rough times. You have the awful confusing mess of the Clone Saga, Sins Past where it was revealed Gwen Stacy had love children with the Green Goblin, and the rotten cherry on top with One More Day where in an effort to retcon Spider-Man’s history, Peter Parker makes a deal with the devil to save the life of Aunt May who should have decades ago in exchange of forgetting he’s married to supermodel Mary Jane. All in that horrible afterbirth, Dan Slott has been slugging away at Spider-Man with brute force. He gave us some good arcs like American Son, the Gauntlet, and Spider Island. Now with the latest reboot, Slott is injecting something Peter Parker has never faced before. Common sense.

  • Modern Man


  • Saga

    Saga:  A crazy space opera with talking cats, magic, mutilated ghost babysitters, and breastfeeding.

    What do you call a comic when you toss in space opera, family, open sexuality, PTSD-ridden robot things, bounty hunters, crazy ex-girlfriends, gay fish reporters, and an ongoing galactic war? Beats the fuck outta me, but you would get something resembling Saga. With Brian K. Vaughan writing the story and the very beautiful artwork that seemingly came outta left field from Fiona Staples, Saga is the one series that is worth jumping into.

  • Starflight

    Starflight:  A journey into roach engineers, strip mining, and space racists.

    The ISS Longinus was prepped for its mission of exploring the vast universe while Captain Bossman looked over the personnel files of his brave crew. Stu was going to take his role as Science officer with the android Robocab in control of navigation. Roach, our insect-like Velox engineer, was in charge of cargo and trying to keep the ship in one piece when we inevitably piss off a fleet of warships. Wizliz took the role of our Thrynn comm officer. This reptilian officer will ensure that the elegant languages of the vast cultures of the universe will get translated to mongoloid. This is not Wizliz's fault. It's just that Bossman thinks Class 3 shields and multiple weapon systems on the Longinus are cooler than adequate crew training. Last we have the talking plant Greenpea of the peaceful Elowan race who will serve as the medical officer. It's Greenpeas's job to patch us all up when we fuck up a landing or if crew members get hurt when a fleet of eight murderous Mechan ships decide that our luxury of breathing is being revoked. It is up to the brave affirmative action crew of the Longinus to explore this universe and ultimately save all known life from the cause of the mysterious solar flares that are wiping out vast systems. The brave crew does a heroic job of fucking this up royally.

  • Andre the Giant: Life and Legend

    Andre the Giant: Life and Legend:The man with the biggest body, heart, and bartab has a book that does him justice.

    France gets a lot of shit for a country that produced Laeticia Casta, french fries, Jean Reno, and the foundations of American government. Its a safe bet then to say they contributed to the world in an admirable way. However, their greatest contribution came in the form of a seven foot four beast of a man that gave young wrestler Hulk Hogan a run for his money. That's right, people. I am talking about the one and only Andre the Giant. He is probably the greatest drunk to have ever lived; a reputation marred only by his wrestling celebrity. In an attempt to showcase his history and humanity, Box Brown managed to capture it in a minimalistic style in graphic novel format. Piecing together a cohesive narrative from a collection of sources and interviews, Andre the Giant Life and Legend is an awesome look at the legendary man and makes for one of the best comics to come out this year.

  • Arma 3 Mechs

    Now I need to get Arma.