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  • United States of Murder Inc.

    United States of Murder Inc:  If the mob takes over America, I hope they don't turn the country into a Jersey suburb.

    That's the scenario that United States of Murder Inc. sets out to explore. The mob has taken over a good portion of the country and is on uneasy terms with the federal government. Valentine Gallo is sent to deliver a message to senator on his first job as a made man. Things go south after the meeting when the senator get killed in an explosion and threatens the uneasy truce that has been the status quo. Everyone from the mob families to the FBI want answers leaving Valentine stuck and his contract killer partner Jagger Rose in a hard place trying to get them. Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming team up again to deliver an interesting take on an America that replaces patriotism and apple pie, with made men, criminal maneuvering, and codes of silence.

  • Piloting in GTAV

    I'm going to have to cave in and get this.


  • Rising Storm 2: Reveal


  • The Perfect Pitch


  • Fury Road

    Yesh pwease


  • Girl at the Dentist

    That girl needs dick, stat!


  • If It Bleeds We Can Kill It


  • Tom Hardy fucking people up

    The Precursor to the man who broke the bat.


  • Super Spice Bros


  • Drunk History vol. 6


  • Do your fucking job, cleric!


  • K&P Bully

    It hits too close to home.


  • Ducktales The Moon

    Old School tunes


  • Chik-Fil-A


  • Animator Vs Animation IV


  • Homeworld Remastered

    If there's a game whose production value could be considered art, it would be this.


  • Conga Capping

    Team Fortress 2 has finally gone to the deep end.


  • Andy Griffith vs The Patriot Act


  • Little Homie


  • Dunkey Takes on H1Z1