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  • h3h3 and Frank

    <p><span style="line-height: 1.3em;">{youtube}3kkzs7zH_DY|640|385|0{/youtube}</span></p>

  • Dennis Hopper on Apocalypse Now

    Pretty insightful to the overall chaos on the set.


  • I can't breafff


  • Old Man Boxing


  • Girls and Dungeons & Dragons


  • Too Much Cream


  • 100 Greatest Movie Insults

    You son of a motherless goat.


  • Get Troll


  • GTA V First Person


  • The Raid: Redemption Kill Count


  • Why you talk shit AFTER the match.


  • Pretty Cool Kid's Alien Movie

    Not bad kid.


  • 10 Hours of Princess Leia in NYC


  • Star Wars VII Trailer

    I shed a single tear of joy.


  • wo News Anchors Hate Each Other


  • 160 Arnold Quotes


  • Fucking with Hockey Players


  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Comic Primer

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Comic Primer

    Cosmic Marvel got a serious kick in the ass with Annihilation and the subsequent Annihilation: Conquest. Back at Earth, you had the underwhelming Civil War where heroes were pitted against each other over secret identities. Up in space, you had seemingly forgotten and b-list characters rise up, become total badasses, and end up stopping huge armies with scarily powerful enemies. Needless to say that Cosmic Marvel was doing the right thing by comic fans.

  • Sparkling Wine

    It's people like him that will bravely enhance our drunken way of life.