Less Than Negative Podcast

Dedicated to looking over the latest in film, gaming, comics, and tech all under the lens of heavy drinking.

LTN Podcast S3E5

The boys are using their Biden bucks for better audio equipment because this episode is rough. Just the way your mom likes it. This week, Phil, Cody, and Frank talk about the dumbest things like unfuckable rabbits, the Staircase, internet sleuths, Coming To America 2, cgi vs practical, planes, gun safety and the Crow, Possessor, Master and Commander is better than Greyhound, WWII movies, homeless and the Sopranos, and Frank never going to Mars.


If we were smarter it would be in the trash.

***WARNING*** My pop filter on my mic was lost so it sounds like I'm a mouth breather in the episode. Seriously, it's pretty heavy breathing if you can stomach it. Sorry guys. But rather that waste the boy's time we are going to release it RAW, UNCOOKED, AND UNFILTERED!!! In this piece of shit, we discuss brisket and the Texas snow-vid, drinking boredom, workout sticks and survival, Teddie boy, chili buffets, The Expanse, the real Marvel shows, horror movies and the Japanese, Mortal Kombat, 4 hour Justice League, and genuine shit.


LTN Podcast S3E4

That's correct ladies and gentlemen. We are putting it all on black and letting it ride! This week, Phil, Cody, Tio, Em-Tee, and Frank are here to give you poor financial planning. They hash out the LTN short, reddit subs, anime tiddies, Luke jizz, more baby Yoda, Wandavision, Justice League cuts, the Sopranos prequel, the conjuring cinematic universe, zombie clean, and the Ruby Rhod sex appeal.


LTN Podcast S3E3

So a short bus straight up ruined any chance for a capital live show. Thanks, douche canoes. This week, the boy hash it out with capital fun, critical thinking and rabbits, selling out to social media, the battlestar galatical greta connection, COVID and burning in Hell, Tenet, thinking while watching tv, expanse, and Screech getting cancer.


LTN The Hangover Special

The day after New Years 2020, the gang continues soldiers on with the drinking. Is it a sign of things to come, a desperate act of defiance, or the depressing calling card of your favorite man-children? You decide. This week, Phil, Cody, Em-Tee, and El-Tiorino mull over domestic and 40 hands, freebasing booze, oxygen highs, interactive art, utopia, scifi shows, wando woman and infinite dwayne johnsons, mandoisms, blue milk, piderman, buckaroo baby, and getting mad at the south.


LTN Die Hard Special

Christmas has officially begun! It's the LTN Die Hard Special!!!


LTN Podcast S3E2

There's a lot to disagree with in this episode, but one thing is certain. If you don't like Palenque, you are a filthy subhuman. Phil, Cody and El-Tiorino kick back and discuss like gentlmen COVID tests, Taco Palenque, Mel Gibson and Christmas, Die Hard, Elliot Page petitions, dick enhancements, Tenet and stupid sound, Sound of Metal, Mando and Disney+, cynism, and jewish Spider-man?


LTN Podcast S3E1

Season 3 is here! Phil, Cody, Tio, and EmTee put their minds together to solve the world's problems and find time to discuss Empire, 936 and more COVID fun, Trump's out and Secret Service undies, Twitch wrestling, Star Wars books, its american to fuck over people, chess, the Old Guard, superhero morals and RDJ, and superjews.


LTN Podcast S2E32

As the sun starts to set on the year, Phil and Cody pull the curtain across season 2.


LTN Podcast S2E31

You may notice that there is a jarring cut around the 7 minute mark. That is due to our recording bot freaking out. In the words of our wise member Tiorino, “Fuck Craig.” This week the boys welcome new blood with Mike. So this FNG, Phil, Cody, Tio-Bob, and EmTee kick around rocking the vote, voting for tots, eating cereal wrong, a crazy uber, home repair boys, Spider Jerusalem, condiment contraband, and wrestings sushi.


LTN Podcast S2E30

We don’t like to look at the coming apocalypse as getting worse. We look at it getting more funnerer. This week, Phil, Tio-Bob, Cody get on the trump coaster, earock, door to door, alone, Shiner, Popeyes is the shiznit, The Boys, the Walking Dead problem, Disney+, and Malkavich.


LTN Podcast S2E29

We didn’t start the fire. It was always burning, burning in our hearts. Phil, Cody, Em Tee, and Frank don their protective gear and put out the fires of Class action park, roller coasters and up in the air, Luke vs LTN, Fred’s showdown, Netflix thing via proxy, cutting cords, comic book movies hate, Dune, the Gunslinger, America's dick, general reveal, California burning, and Doom.


LTN Podcast S2E28

Comprised of the classiest of gentlemen, the most cavalier chaps, and the fanciest of fancy pants, the LTN crew is going to social grace all over dat ass. This week, Phil, Cody, EmTee, and Frank discuss fancy pants theatre, mouth surprises, power pills and Shia Ledouche, will vs. denzel, keenu, rip Chadwick, heated posturing, politics and oh shit here we go again, topped with Cody's anger at Fury.


LTN Podcast S2E27

With all this COVID, civil unrest, political vomit this year we sure found ourselves in an American Pickle. Hyuck. Hyuck. This week, Phil, Cody, and Tio have civil discourse on such topics as mason and ugly people, Bradley Cooper's onion's, quality beer, energy drinks and coffee time, carpenter Bob, Yellowstone, California transplants, world wide racists, oriental snacks, wine by Phil, beruit numbers, why does anyone like Seth Rogan.


LTN Podcast S2E26

If the US bans Tik Tok, all of the boys dance moves will be for nothing. This week, the boys are back yapping about Chinese apps, advertising and noodles, home security, larry bird tomatoes, home repair, Mr. No-Hobby phil, masculine soap making, additives, Ip Man 4 and beating women, getting phones, lawn care and HOA, and Bob things.


LTN Podcast S2E25

The boys would like to inform you that due to their deadly mastery of martial arts, they have vowed never to practice their skills again and to instead produce their art of drunken podcasting. The boys kick around classy dining, the finest chicken in the land, big brothers and bad burgers, martial art mastery, COVID movie nights, Valley outbreaks, fence guys, the worst movie Cody has ever seen, Birds of Prey, and shitty Star Trek impressions.


LTN Podcast S2E24

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by the letter “S” for substandard, and the number 19. It’s not our best work since it highlights our fatigue and frustration with everything around us. We’ve included it kinda like a marker but also as it would be hypocritical not to. The gang kicks around covid scares, Spike Lee, HBOMax, right to be a dick, male dildos and baby carrots, rabbit hole, getting johnny depp'ed, and kid fuel.


LTN Podcast S2E23

The LTN crew is saying F this world in the A. We're taking the next SpaceX flight out and drinking until we hit Mars. The boys discuss Alamo Whiskey, riots, cop fun, gun fun, sicarion villains, Twitter and Trump, ice cream of death, vape bros (again), SpaceX and Space Force, Star Trek uniforms, and Buzz Lightyear.


LTN Podcast S2E22

Stay back six feet you sick scumbags! The boys are making a podcast and don’t have to for the circle, circle, dot, dot. Phil, Cody, Tio, and Empty hash out Too getting plugged, delivery protocol, putting on the damn mask, drinking alone tips, coffee, flood of misinformation, DIY arcades, Extraction, Chuck Norris’s crappy movies, and the rotting corpse of Curly.


LTN Podcast S2E21

While the rest of the world is faking their ninjitsu skills with their phoney masks, the LTN crew wants you to know they are the real deal and will karate chop you in the face if you try to front. It·s a full house with Phil, Cody, Tio-Bob, Frank, and Em-Tee and they kick around ninja masks and protestors, disinfecting your soul, four more years, hotness vs arrogance, Phil got converted, Dundee's girl's ass, Australian exports, Chevy is a dick, National Lampoons, the Rick and Morty-Tool conundrum, and rage against the conformity.