Less Than Negative Podcast

Dedicated to looking over the latest in film, gaming, comics, and tech all under the lens of heavy drinking.

LTN Podcast S2E5

As Fiesta looms on the horizon, the boys wonder how to make a quick buck selling bootleg pins at premium prices. The boy kick the bag about Will Smith playing Will Smith, The Inventor’s cigarette throat, make-your-own-scam, Tio-Bob pitches bidets, Cody’s bathroom horrorshow, arguing over the shitty season of True Detective, gatekeeping, Michael Jackson sleepovers, and PG-13 Aliens.


LTN Podcast S2E4

The boys are in agreement. While Amy Poehler is okay, Tina fey is the superior choice. This week, Phil, Cody, Tio-Bob, and the Frank hash out Tina Fey's ass, Cody secretly loving Gossip Girl, Captain Marvel, black Spider-Man is amazing, Phil reports the Favourite really does have tits, Oscar noms, Alex Jones has autism, America was won by drunk retards, Apex Legends and Titanfall, and getting away from R. Kelly's pee.


LTN Podcast S2 Halloween Special 2018

If you missed us live, we have the Halloween Beatdown here! Phil, Cody, and EmTee tackle the big issues in the world and try to figure out who would win in a random draw for the top horror villain. 64 participants. 3 judges. 1 to take it all. Disclaimer- The LTN Crew simultaniously stands by their decisions while blaming any fallacies on alcoholic consumption.


LTN Podcast S2E3

If the LTN crew were tobacco, then we would be half a pack of Pyramids that you lost under your car seat. Phil, Cody, and EmTee kick around cigars and cigarettes, booze and the cures, menudo, saving the planet, Titans, Iron Fist 2, the dead action movie genre, Heridetary and American Psycho 2, and weaponized tits.


LTN Podcast S2Special1

The long rumored special is here! Join the boys as they fuck up three timeless scenes of the cult classic, Blood in Blood Out. Phil, Cody, Em Tee, El Tio, and The Frank in this very special episode. You bluff in this game, gabacho, and you better be holding five aces.


LTN Podcast S2E2

Always bet on black, just like the boys do. You'll get broke quicker! This week, Phil, Cody, EmTe, and el Tio hash out celebrity steakhouses, Vegas, Rodney Dangerfield, and Cody's fight with AC. I would also like to add that this podcast was also interrupted on the outside by an argument about transgenders by two people not transgendered. Thanks guys.


LTN Podcast S2E1

THE BOYS RIDE AGAIN!!! We kick the new season off with Cody's guest and the shit paper dilemma, wild wild bullshit, Star Wars going back in the box, Marvel fatigue, Deadpool 2, Legion tripping balls, and a NEW THING. Brand new intro courtesy of Zombie Dandies and their song The Friendly Monstershop.


LTN Podcast Episode 76

Don't go! I swear we do reviews! I swear! This week, the gang gets warm and fuzzy over chick fights, the Mark Walburg, Batman TAS, Bill Finger getting screwed over and comic creators, Queen and Highlander, creepy Stephen King and IT, and wrapping it all up with sports.


LTN Podcast Episode 75

Harvey is like the friend you never wanted and just comes over to your house and just pisses everywhere. Get out Harvey. No one likes you. The boys are back with the round table of topics like harvey harvey harvey, the mayweather endurance dance,North Korea's photoshop art, your very own button, defenders sucks less than iron fist, hugging Terry Crews, Game of Thrones spoilers, and HBO show recommendations you will never watch.


LTN Podcast Episode 74

The executive order is given. As the LTN crew prepares to go behind North Korean lines, the boys have enough time to crank out a podcast! Phil, Cody, Tio-Bob, and EmTee discuss Wu-Tang hidden album, the Defiant Ones, Spiderman and Aunt May's ass, giant monster movies, RIPD vs The Dark Tower, the superpower of getting through Iron Fist, Grey Worm's sex game, perversions of science, nipple opening robots and the king of horror twists (he's not).


LTN Special Episode 3

Backed up in a corner and running low on booze, the LTN crew finds themselves against an event the like of which they could have never forseen. Can they survive....the Steven Seagalcolypse! Say that three times fast. The crew rambles on about movies and other dumb shit before they run through the pony-tailed gauntlet of Seagal slaps that is his filmography. The final showdown pits the crew against each other in an trivia battle that takes LTN through the darkest corners of Seagal's action fueled life. It's not just a podcast anymore. It's....THE SEAGALCOLYPSE!


LTN Podcast Episode 73

The LTN boys don't agree on everything, but when they do, it revolves around Gal Gadot tying us up with a lasso. The week the Cody, Rob, and Em Tee run through why the show avoids politics, Cody talking down to everyone again about the Aliens movies, fixing the DC mythos, Rob's supreme hatred of Tarantino and Uma Thurman, Wonder Woman wrecking shit and its bondage roots, Chris Pine vs. Chris Evans, War Machine is a two long Veep episode, and new movies sucking right out of the gate. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Aliens: Covenant is retarded. Thanks Ridley Scott.


LTN Podcast Episode 72

If the LTN boys ever got the Guardians of the Galaxy gig, I'd imagine it would just be drinking in space bars and bitching about new Star Wars. This week with a full house, Cody, Phil, Rob, and M.T. give their thoughts on the new Guardians flick, not getting raped from sci fi movies, hot wee, DC and Marvel TV, who would be the better power bottom Terrence Howard or Don Cheadle, overpaid actors, video game ass, and soccer fun.


LTN Podcast Episode 71

Armed with Wrestlemania X t-shirts and bad puns, the boys take the the crap around the world down in the most epic ladder match of all time. Really. The week they take on shaky cam horror films and discover the fate of the furious, peter and the porno, alaskian mass murder and Oregon Trail, Cheers, enjoying the refreshing taste of Kohana on a United flight, wrestling beefs and Doink, Robs extensive Star Trek knowledge, and burning out on Star Wars.


LTN Podcast Episode 70

The boys at Less Than Negative would like to reiterate they are neckbeards by lazy circumstance and not by choice. I personally think they are in denial. The gang this week takes on Ghost in the Shell and a neckbeard assault, Vader hacking rebel scum in Rogue One, the magic powers of Ghost Dog, and love in all the wrong places.


LTN Podcast Episode 69

As Rob, Phil, and Cody hold the line defiant against the orcish hordes, the battle is joined by Mike the White and Frank of Rohan! It's a full house as the the gang returns for episode 69! This week we dive into the new Zelda and Super Nintendo nostalgia, comics and wiping your ass with the X-men, Logan, Wolverine STD's, Get Out, the porn code, robot babies, and wanting to be a ScarJo bot. We also mourn the passing of one of the greats. We put Bill Paxton down proper by drinking to every movie we have never seen. See you at the crossroads, homie.


LTN Podcast Episode 68

When the robot wars are upon us,the LTN crew is ready to put you human scum in the camps. Pushing through robotic audio, Phil, Bert, and Codytron2000 get the chance to discuss salt and diet bullshit, hangovers and parking lot ettiquette, an agreement on cyclist hate, petrol, the poison in your body, Beerhunter, tough guy tatoos and Gen X bullshit, poetry, getting paid with dat hypocrit cash, and a very Disturbed sexual encounter.


LTN Podcast Episode 67

If you are going to change your diet, make sure that you stay committed, get an app to count the calories, and adjust for all the alcohol you are still going to consume. The duo meet in the studio again to discuss the nice groceries, white rap, Spotify and Youtube bullshit, Batman v Superman, DC vs Marvel (again), Suicide Squad reshoots, practical effects, trash picking, and Fitness v Batman.


LTN Podcast Episode 66

When the Less Than Negative crew shops for rubber sheets, we only buy the best for hosing off the shame. This week, Rob, Phil, and Cody discuss mattress cover purchases, Saint vs. Sir, religious fun, 60 Days In, the $5 footlong boss, John Goodman and Cloverfield Lane, book stuff, and Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman stealing Rob's sandwiches.


LTN Podcast Episode 65

We would finish the LTN cocktail guide if we would stop using up all the mixers. Where the hell is all the Diet Coke? This week, Phil and Cody start talking about fixing up Phil's house, The Expanse, House of Cards supervillainy, a zombie buddy cop show, comicbook villains and Batman Blues, throwing a man through the sun, the monkey brain wheelchair, 50 million dollar tits, baby powder bumpers and Cody being fucking wrong, and future ghost adventures.