Less Than Negative Podcast

Dedicated to looking over the latest in film, gaming, comics, and tech all under the lens of heavy drinking.

LTN Podcast S2E27

With all this COVID, civil unrest, political vomit this year we sure found ourselves in an American Pickle. Hyuck. Hyuck. This week, Phil, Cody, and Tio have civil discourse on such topics as mason and ugly people, Bradley Cooper's onion's, quality beer, energy drinks and coffee time, carpenter Bob, Yellowstone, California transplants, world wide racists, oriental snacks, wine by Phil, beruit numbers, why does anyone like Seth Rogan.


LTN Podcast S2E26

If the US bans Tik Tok, all of the boys dance moves will be for nothing. This week, the boys are back yapping about Chinese apps, advertising and noodles, home security, larry bird tomatoes, home repair, Mr. No-Hobby phil, masculine soap making, additives, Ip Man 4 and beating women, getting phones, lawn care and HOA, and Bob things.


LTN Podcast S2E25

The boys would like to inform you that due to their deadly mastery of martial arts, they have vowed never to practice their skills again and to instead produce their art of drunken podcasting. The boys kick around classy dining, the finest chicken in the land, big brothers and bad burgers, martial art mastery, COVID movie nights, Valley outbreaks, fence guys, the worst movie Cody has ever seen, Birds of Prey, and shitty Star Trek impressions.


LTN Podcast S2E24

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by the letter “S” for substandard, and the number 19. It’s not our best work since it highlights our fatigue and frustration with everything around us. We’ve included it kinda like a marker but also as it would be hypocritical not to. The gang kicks around covid scares, Spike Lee, HBOMax, right to be a dick, male dildos and baby carrots, rabbit hole, getting johnny depp'ed, and kid fuel.


LTN Podcast S2E23

The LTN crew is saying F this world in the A. We're taking the next SpaceX flight out and drinking until we hit Mars. The boys discuss Alamo Whiskey, riots, cop fun, gun fun, sicarion villains, Twitter and Trump, ice cream of death, vape bros (again), SpaceX and Space Force, Star Trek uniforms, and Buzz Lightyear.


LTN Podcast S2E22

Stay back six feet you sick scumbags! The boys are making a podcast and don’t have to for the circle, circle, dot, dot. Phil, Cody, Tio, and Empty hash out Too getting plugged, delivery protocol, putting on the damn mask, drinking alone tips, coffee, flood of misinformation, DIY arcades, Extraction, Chuck Norris’s crappy movies, and the rotting corpse of Curly.


LTN Podcast S2E21

While the rest of the world is faking their ninjitsu skills with their phoney masks, the LTN crew wants you to know they are the real deal and will karate chop you in the face if you try to front. It·s a full house with Phil, Cody, Tio-Bob, Frank, and Em-Tee and they kick around ninja masks and protestors, disinfecting your soul, four more years, hotness vs arrogance, Phil got converted, Dundee's girl's ass, Australian exports, Chevy is a dick, National Lampoons, the Rick and Morty-Tool conundrum, and rage against the conformity.


LTN Podcast S2E20

It’s a full Corona fueled house party as Phil, Cody, Tio-Bob, Empty, and Frank tip their fedoras to all the health care workers earning their stripes. Keep their six feet distance, the boys discuss essential-ass employees, 5g conspiracy theories, Gary Oldman, Tio-Bob’s Jim Carrey induced flashbacks, tiger king true crime, cancel culture, lgbtqabcdefg and Pat, Cody's crazy, alien movies, boobies to go, world-wide pegging, incest porn trend, and Fred's fish fry. I’d also like to add that Fred’s Fish Fry canceled my DoorDash. Fuck you Fred.


LTN Podcast S2E19

Either someone is making a Godzilla-sized mummy costume or the country got explosive diarrhea all at once. It's a full house as alternative wipers discuss fear and panic in the streets, supplies and bidets, water treatment, the Rock app, remaking Big Trouble, the Transformers and G.I. Joe cartoon movies, wrastlin, creeper yoga, Dolly Parton tit charity, HBO, and Corona tips and tricks.


LTN Podcast S2E18

All the boys want on their European trip is pizza. Just hold the corona. This week, it’s a full house with Phil, Cody, Tio, Frank, and EmTee. The boys mull over burgers and HEB, Em-Tee’s baby naming, pornhub virus updates, hustlers, sexual assault of a dragon, karate senseis and baby raising, old wrestling and xfl, and the last of Phil.


LTN Podcast S2E17

Wrapped in cellophane and armed with Purell loaded super-soakers, the boys set out to China to confront the scourge head on. Phil, Cody, and Frank kick around the oscars winners and the wutang virus, hollywood director reps, parasite and other korean movies, dracula fan fiction, docubullshit, Johnny "The Black Eye" Sizzle, the raps and the hustle of viper, and shots!!!


LTN Podcast S2E16

The boys would like to remind you that it’s around time for you to get your prostate checked whether you like it or not you sickos. El Tiorino, Phil, and Cody discuss earcapades and the health of the boys, floppy bomb hackers, the Witcher, Jean Reno vs the Black Knight, Dracula, Lost in Space’s hot mommy, magic Syrian man, the human race is screwed, haulin’ shit and getting paid, and Tio’s aversion to mush.


LTN Podcast S2E15

New Year, new podcast, new me! The boys are nursing their hangovers to bring you the best entertainment from the most effort they can muster at the time! Phil, Cody, EmTee, and Frank hack away at thestar wars watching order and no more space wizards, baby yoda, disney+, superman as an elf, watchmen, parasite, david's trip, christopher walkens australian failures.


LTN Podcast S2E14

The crew is late on turkey day but not light on the booze! Tio Bob, Cody, Phil, and Frank double down on sobriety being boring, pushstarts and wallybucks, ensembles, books in trunks, music and masculinity, the Mandalorian, Watchmen, the Irishman, Cars iv, Rogue One donkey balls, worthless Eli Roth, passed Phil movies, epstein facts AND FUCK ALL DAT WHAT DID BOB EAT?


LTN Podcast S2E13

Spooky specters, crazy killers, and ghastly ghouls are no match for an LTN induced sugar fueled rampage! Phil, Cody, and Em-Tee talk halloween candy, smoking nostalgia, Joker, Thunder in Paradise, Wrestling', Gemini Man, China sucks, El Camino, EMP guns, and Rock disappointment.


LTN Podcast s2e12

The LTN crew would like to think they would be Will Smith during the alien invasion, but we know in our hearts we would just be a drunk Randy Quaid. The boys discuss the Area 51 raid and rogan envy, clenching for truth, candy vapes and doucheflutes, politics and segues, trying to stop more politics talk, Far From Home, chiaboos, America numba wan, 3d cankles, and fat shaming.


LTN Podcast S2 The Dumbball Rally 2019

It's GROUNDPOUNDING, HEART STOPPING RALLY MAYHEM as over FIFTY famous movie vehicles slug it out down the tracks of DEATH in their HIGH OCTANE, NITRO BURNING, SUICIDE MACHINES as they shake hands with the DEVIL when they SCREAM down the burning gates of HELL!!!! We'll sell you the seat. but you'll only need THE EDGE!!!!


LTN Podcast s2e11

Armed with their parent’s phone lines and a stack of AOL cd’s the LTN crew gets ready to HACK THE PLANET. This week, Phil, Cody, Tio-Bob, EmTee, and Frank discuss around more presidential snafus, boners and kfc Cheetos, Phase 4, The Boys and shitty product placement, Ninja Turtles vs. Batman, Child’s Play, Alita, Neo vs. John Wick, Walking Dead in Texas, bat water connoisseurs, pedophile clowns, Playstation Classic mods, Tetris Effect, and the best Tiger Woods game.


LTN Podcast S2E10

Missing out on minute by minute California earthquake news? The Action 4 LTN news crew will keep you updated when it finally sinks into the ocean. This week, Phil, Cody, Tio, and Frank give the play by play on fun with explosions, flipper olympics, civic irresponsibilities, Us, Toy Story IV and the bravery of retarded characters, Twilight Batman, Uma Thurman isn’t hot?, movie soundtracks, Chris Tucker cash, DMX, R Kelly’s happy rape dungeon, and Shamalambda.


LTN Podcast S2E9

The LTN is currently in talks with producers for a musical bioptic, but will only green light it if it narrated by the cryptkeeper. Soundtrack by Biz Markie. This week, Phil Cody, Frank, and EmTee discuss the heat wave, our mystery influx, cold water showers, music bioptics, Wick 2 and 3, Keanu, Stadia, the sexually confusing black mirror episode that is not the one with the pig, and the cryptkeeper.