Less Than Negative Podcast

Dedicated to looking over the latest in film, gaming, comics, and tech all under the lens of heavy drinking.

LTN Podcast S3E25

Whose bed do we have to shit in to get in a DC movie? Heard, I'm talking to you! This week, Phil and Cody keep their shit together and discuss crypto transfers gone south, Phil seeing the Batman, streaming services sucking, Tokyo Vice, driving the wrong way, talking to the cops, Alex Jones, Mandy, and Robocop fun.


LTN Podcast S3E24

HOW CAN HE SLAP? HOW CAN HE SLAP? Phil, Cody, Tio, and Frank spend a romantic evening discussing UFC fights, the Batman, Jared Leto hate, Bruce Willis, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Michael Bay stuff, Steve-O, and car wrecks. We also briefly mention THE SLAP, but whatever.


LTN Podcast S3E23

You know you would. Don't you lie to me, goddamnit, I know you would. Phil and Cody adjust their moral barometer to discuss Cody's cruise, the Yellowstone shirt conversation starter, westerns, Jackass Forever and the Boys, film dying, Sofia Jirau (don't you lie to me), Halo and video game movies, David Lindelof is the scotty pippen of film, revisiting the walking dead, and The Batman probably being okay.


LTN Podcast S3E22

Hold on. You mean to tell me that the Cowboys didn't make it to the Superbowl? Next you'll say that the Bengals are.....wait what? Phil, Cody, and EmTee (He's back!) hash out Reacher and ass Oreos, Peacemaker, wife shows, Aronofsky bummer movies, The Last Duel, The House of Fat Leto, best pictures at the Oscars, and the return of the Superbowl Bet.


LTN Podcast S3E21

While you are freezing your nuts off, why don't you relax to the sound of your favorite crew giving horrible advice? Phil, Frank, Tio, and Cody talk crypto and finances down the shitter, the superbowl bet, Alfred Pawn Star, George Washington's Upper Deck stats, chili fun, 1883 and Ozark, Chicago shootouts, and scary west Texas.


LTN Podcast S3E20

If you are going to cook a brisket, you better ask Phil for advice. I'll just give you a microwave recipe. This week, Phil, Cody, and Tio politely discuss Cody's Covid situation, Don't Look Up, Mike Judge, the glory of Jackass and weird television, Boba Fett and the end of the Expanse, ladies of the night rise up!, Ghostbusters Afterlife and Dan Akroyd love, Jim Belushi the Lesser, Masterclass Brisket with Phil, Tio's Tasting adventure, the positives of Covid, and Station 11 (I saw it Phil and it wasn't bad). Also featuring the second saddest ending ever recorded in LTN history.


LTN Podcast S3E19

If you wanna hear Frank go off the rails on class warfare along with the other bullshit we talk about for over 3 and a half hours, do we have a podcast for you! Phil, Frank, and Cody discuss the new Spider-Man, Fast and Furious, wrestling talent, Andre drinking stories, Yellowstones and westerns, 1917, generational wealth, who the fuck is Brandon and stupid yelling by Frank, work "am I right guys?", and we finally talk about the new Matrix.


LTN Podcast S3E18

When I die, I want crypto to bury me so it can let me down one last time. Phil, Frank, and Cody rub the fall of crypto in Phil's face, talking Arcane, Yellowstone, Across the Spider-Verse news, buddy cop Venom, Pootie Tang (Sah Da Tay!), and the new Battlefield managing to be shittier than the last one.


LTN Podcast S3E17

Sorry for the delay. Last recording got trashed, but we got some good news! Cody got his booster and suffers at the end of this 3 hour 47 minute monster of an drunken tirade! This week, Phil, Cody, and Frank politely discuss booters, pimping soup, cooking to live, Dune and space drugs, Phil doesn't watch old movies, the Eternals (more like SUCKTERNALSamIrightguys), chef substance abuse, mexican mafia, and Travis Scott/ Britnayyy news.


LTN Podcast S3E16

The super cool boys at LTN are way too cool to die. I don't know about you, bro. Phil and Cody sit around and talk butter teeth at the dentist, health care fun, living forever, going to space, antartica is the last frontier, alone, crypto down the hole, Dog is on the case, and the pains of doing your own research.


LTN Podcast S3E15

Psst. Come here. Want to feel old?. There are kids graduating high school that only know 9-11 through textbooks. You're welcome. This week, the boy get together for Covid Party at Phil's, doordashing, chinese food and Luby's, Marvel crap, the Hunt and Kate, the Wire, great endings to tv shows, FALCOR IS NOT A DOG HE'S A FUCKING LUCK DRAGON THAT YOU WANT TO TAKE ON ADVENTURES, Young Guns vs Posse, Rosewood was bad but not as bad as 9-11, who gets the 9-11 vagina priority, and taco rice = love.


LTN Podcast S3E14

Do you know how to get to the 36th Chamber of Shaolin? If we did, we sure as shit wouldn't be doing this podcast. Well maybe about our super cool kung fu adventures. Phil, Cody, and Tio ask and hash out "Do you know kung fu?" and the chinese market, once upon a time in hollywood, Kevin Smith and Coversation movies, pulling out with Afghanistan, the Spider-man relationship, Cody as Master Splinter, Beers, and potential Logan Paul punchers.


LTN Podcast S3E13

The crew is older, wiser, and still has 15 year old taste when it comes to drinking, but if you disrespect White Claws, I swear to God I will...Phil, Cody, and Tio-Bob talks about buying a car, Suicide Squad, DnD, sushi casualties, Tio-Bob's car hybrid stories, housing market bubbles, the DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY!!!, Tio-Bob goes on a rant about religion, Phil goes to church, Cody defends religion for some reason, and Bud Setzler is the chosen.


LTN Podcast S3E12

Which 80's cartoon will be the next to sacrifice in the name of virtue signaling? Our money is either on Muppet Babies or Thundarr the Barbarian. This week the boys kick around Masters of Wokeness, Woodstock 99 and the fall of MTV, womanizing with bologna, Bobby D saying the "N" word, food poisoning, Tommorow War, Black Widow and scrapping the bottom of the barrel, and passing viewership.


LTN Podcast S3E11

Phil, Cody, Em-Tee, and Tio come out to play this episode with a surprise guest! !!!Baby LTN!!! We check off the list with mild sobriety, cartoon adult shows, The Prophecy, solving the three shells mystery and public poops, Deftones rappin, Tio's back, Bill's back! and the calculated rapies, crying german girls, SPORTS!, Romeo o Romeo, and veteran stories.


LTN Podcast S3E10

LTN is proud to annouce their own crypto with LTN coin! Has all the features of regular crypto including slowly spiraling down to becoming worthless. This week, Phil, Cody, and Frank talk about dog destruction, back pain, more crypto bullshit talk, a Quiet Place 2 and bahn mi's, Love Death and Robots, Chappie more like crappie, the ballad of Bobby Baccalieri, and just finding a million smackeroos.


LTN Podcast S3E9

If LTN records a podcast in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? You're goddamn right it does! Thanks internet! This week, Phil, Cody, and Tio hack away at crypto boys, Army of the Dead, the Ridley Scott argument, No Country for Emma Stone, sunsails and sand litterboxes, Apples, "Dogs am I right?" (dad shit), AA shenannigans, baseball!!!, and the getting stuck protocol.


LTN Podcast S3E8

What did you say? You better say that to our faces once the CDC give the all clear and you've been vaccinated you son of a bitch! It's Phil, Cody, and Tio-Bob kicking around shots and masks, work out bros and traffic, taco food fun (fun!), Jupiter's Legacy, F1 Drive to Survive and racing experiences, public fun, dumb people, body disposal, the survival of the human race, love death and robots, the Disney hit squad, to the Moon, early internet and AOHell.


LTN Podcast S3E7

TRIGGER WARNING! If you want to hear audio of an arguably grown man taking a leak, the LTN podcast is your one stop shop! This week, Phil, Cody and Frank tackle Christopher Lloyds shotgun and nobody, RIP westlakes drafthouse, the beer gauntlet, the Rick story, the vaccine arguments WHILE TIO FIGHTS FOR HIS LIFE, Boomer Dredd, Frank takes a piss, new Captain America, Mortal Kombat, and crypto bread.


LTN Podcast S3E6

Just wait for the LTN cut of Justice League. It will be a run time of 15 minutes but it will be the best 15 minutes of your goddamn life! This week, the boy talk Justice League, Snyder vs. Whedon, buff boys and chest hair, Suicide Squad, Nic Cage money hole, the Casey Ryback special, Invincible, and tilling shit with Tio.