Less Than Negative Podcast

Dedicated to looking over the latest in film, gaming, comics, and tech all under the lens of heavy drinking.

LTN Podcast S4E6

The boys may fuck up a lot of things in life, but they will never fuck up a grilled cheese. WTF Gordon? This time, the boys discuss and endure the superbowl losses, pulga nachos and mistakes, ship boys, health boys, Chris Rock and the state of comedy, Infinity Pool and that scene, Eyes Wide Shut, Cormac's bad guys, where the good movies are, and shitty shows. I'm talking about you Yellowstone.


LTN Podcast S4E5

The sky people are here to bring culture to you uncivilized blue cat people. The boys talk James Cameron water fests, Tar, Physical 100, tipping the hat to Jackass, The Last of Us, books, the chinese markets, Rick and Morty and domestic violence, upcoming movies, and Turbo Puns.


LTN Podcast S4E4

There is a noticable delay in uploads since our producer is a lazy asshole, so here's the show! Phil, Cody, and Frank talk old school gaming shittalk, Violent Night, Mad God and Fucking Hell, uncomfortable history memorabilia, texas history class, BBQ in Colorado, yelling about the Texas grid, Clerks 3 and Kevin Smith, Phil avoids Andrew Tate discussions, Phil's skate fun, Andrew Tate is not more important than important.


LTN Podcast S4E3

How was your turkey day? Who cares? Thanks to a delayed schedule, it's Christmas time! The boys give thanks for having the following conversations- checking out your checkout items, Popeyes turkey, Atlanta, the Terror and 1899, respect the actor or character, beer runs, Hellraiser kinda sucks and that cabinet show.


LTN Podcast S4E2

Will Cody ever let go of the hate from watching Contact? Probably not. Phil, Cody, and Frank talk Nope and breaking down a film, Contact hate....again, Musk that ftx guy and flying to Mars, The World's End, Andy Dick is a piece of shit, Bill vs Chevy vs Dick, Black Note plug, HEB 4 cheese pasta, Andor!, Bruce Timm, and All quiet on the Western Front.


LTN Podcast Special 2010s Hotness

The final act in a four part series. Is this the end for the LTN crew objectifying women? Probably not.


LTN Podcast S4E1

We say a sad goodbye to Texas Phil and hello to Phil the Colorado Kid. Fastest weed vape in the west. Phil and Cody talk Phil's last hurrah in Texas and weed lightsabers, cleansing Cody's system, diverisity under the sea, directors that pull seats, canned drama,
foreign bullshit, and furry statistics.


LTN Podcast S3E28

Covid did it. They finally to a hit on ole Codemeister. Sucker. Phil, Cody, and Tio-"The Bod" (am I right ladies?) endure covid fun, Prey, Mr Inbetween, The Bear, Cappy's sucks except for the food, putting on a shirt for tacos, heb?, military medical fun, and kids are dumb but so is Cody. Outro from Louis C.K.


LTN Podcast Special 2000s Hotness

The third act in a grand production from the LTN boys, the gang solves the mystery of Tio's phone, and also talks about the hottest chicks in the 2000's.


LTN Podcast Special 90s Hotness

Pull out the inflatable chairs and rock those bleach tips. The boys ARE RESPECTFULLY DISCUSSING the hottest women of the 90's. This is going to make a lot of you upset, but there can be only one.


LTN Podcast Special 80s Hotness

The beginning of a 4 part epic starts here! The boys weigh in on the hottest chicks from the 80s that set in motion all futures boners from here to come. Who stays, who goes, who has the hottest leg warmer scene? Find out in the MOST RESPECTFUL DISCUSSION ABOUT FEMININE BEAUTY in the show's history!


LTN Podcast S3E27

You know what we do to Colorado traitors in this here parts? We string em up for all the Californians to see! It's an intimate evening with Phil and Cody regaling our audience with airport pat downs, no blade touching thy hair, moisterize, getting old and rolling the dice, fuck Klostermann and Sucker Max, married at first samurai, gas on the fire, super mormons, Sam Raimi'ed, Twisted Tea review, 1883, and the traitor Phil.


LTN Podcast S3E26.5

You don't have time to think on a LTN Podcast. You think, you're dead. We fucked the audio for the 26th episode so now enjoy the machete edition with more inverted flying! Phil, Cody, Tio, and Frank take the discussion to mach 10 with morbius tickets, Deborah Ann Woll nudes (you didn't know did you?), Top Gun is great, Stranger Things, Da Boys, PTSD explosives and bond shove, distressing shootings, Obiwan, everything's toy box, Deborah again, and Crank.


LTN Podcast S3E25

Whose bed do we have to shit in to get in a DC movie? Heard, I'm talking to you! This week, Phil and Cody keep their shit together and discuss crypto transfers gone south, Phil seeing the Batman, streaming services sucking, Tokyo Vice, driving the wrong way, talking to the cops, Alex Jones, Mandy, and Robocop fun.


LTN Podcast S3E24

HOW CAN HE SLAP? HOW CAN HE SLAP? Phil, Cody, Tio, and Frank spend a romantic evening discussing UFC fights, the Batman, Jared Leto hate, Bruce Willis, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Michael Bay stuff, Steve-O, and car wrecks. We also briefly mention THE SLAP, but whatever.


LTN Podcast S3E23

You know you would. Don't you lie to me, goddamnit, I know you would. Phil and Cody adjust their moral barometer to discuss Cody's cruise, the Yellowstone shirt conversation starter, westerns, Jackass Forever and the Boys, film dying, Sofia Jirau (don't you lie to me), Halo and video game movies, David Lindelof is the scotty pippen of film, revisiting the walking dead, and The Batman probably being okay.


LTN Podcast S3E22

Hold on. You mean to tell me that the Cowboys didn't make it to the Superbowl? Next you'll say that the Bengals are.....wait what? Phil, Cody, and EmTee (He's back!) hash out Reacher and ass Oreos, Peacemaker, wife shows, Aronofsky bummer movies, The Last Duel, The House of Fat Leto, best pictures at the Oscars, and the return of the Superbowl Bet.


LTN Podcast S3E21

While you are freezing your nuts off, why don't you relax to the sound of your favorite crew giving horrible advice? Phil, Frank, Tio, and Cody talk crypto and finances down the shitter, the superbowl bet, Alfred Pawn Star, George Washington's Upper Deck stats, chili fun, 1883 and Ozark, Chicago shootouts, and scary west Texas.


LTN Podcast S3E20

If you are going to cook a brisket, you better ask Phil for advice. I'll just give you a microwave recipe. This week, Phil, Cody, and Tio politely discuss Cody's Covid situation, Don't Look Up, Mike Judge, the glory of Jackass and weird television, Boba Fett and the end of the Expanse, ladies of the night rise up!, Ghostbusters Afterlife and Dan Akroyd love, Jim Belushi the Lesser, Masterclass Brisket with Phil, Tio's Tasting adventure, the positives of Covid, and Station 11 (I saw it Phil and it wasn't bad). Also featuring the second saddest ending ever recorded in LTN history.


LTN Podcast S3E19

If you wanna hear Frank go off the rails on class warfare along with the other bullshit we talk about for over 3 and a half hours, do we have a podcast for you! Phil, Frank, and Cody discuss the new Spider-Man, Fast and Furious, wrestling talent, Andre drinking stories, Yellowstones and westerns, 1917, generational wealth, who the fuck is Brandon and stupid yelling by Frank, work "am I right guys?", and we finally talk about the new Matrix.