Less Than Negative Podcast

Dedicated to looking over the latest in film, gaming, comics, and tech all under the lens of heavy drinking.

LTN Podcast Episode 52

On Thanksgiving, I hear that the Less Than Negative turkey is fantastic. We assure you the sex with the mash potatoes was consensual. This week we have Frank the Tank in the (his) house to get drunk and talk about Dope, Beavis and Butthead riding into the sunset, Keith Richard’s cocaine dad, butt sex show vs. Supergirl, the birth of Jimbo McFatstuff, infiltrating Scientology, the 15 million dollar clock wholesale, old people skin vs. coffee, the homeless job interview, plastic bags, and Austin moving to California.


LTN Podcast Episode 51

So many ninjas, so little time. This week is mostly about how Phil lost and had to talk about American Ninja I-III while Cody got sick of it. We also sneak in some talk about 80's action stars, Bone Tomahawk, Dope, and the remake of Delta Force in the Middle East.


LTN Podcast Special 2

It's a very special Wurstfest episode! Phil and Cody look back fondly on their newly found memories of stacking pitcher of beer, old men bartering sex for drink tickets, sausage as far as the eye can see, the dangers of public exposure, crooked cab drivers, 4am drunken Whataburger runs, and a sleepless night. PROST!


LTN Podcast Episode 50

It's our 50th episode! The two gladiators square off in the Drunkademic Decathalon. Hosted by Bert the Judge. Special Appearances by Rob the Editor, Frank, Mike the Mike, and alcohol!


LTN Podcast Episode 49

It's been a long sad ride through the episodes of the sobercast, but the dark days of sobriety are over with the 50th episode around the corner! This week as we serenade self-control goodbye, we look at the super storm hype train losing to the Star Wars juggernaut, Michael J. Fox shoes, Primer and stupid time travel, self-checkout lanes and the coming of the robots, Amazon pour more water into the Wal-Mart boat, Phil's Maxi pad hand and Cody's piss fence, and hawking anything for that sweet retirement check.


LTN Podcast Episode 48

With elections in the horizon, would you rather vote for a bunch of assholes who shrug a lot or two assholes who are unfraid to say the word "asshole"? The choice is clear, America. This week we throw on the table cops and the fear of getting pulled over, our own rap sheets, the half limp presidential debate, more comic talk, elitist Star Wars fans, horror films and shaky cam bullshit, the Martyrs remake, the Professional's creepy vibes, the unfortunate truth about Powder, all while getting excessive with a stupid soundboard.


LTN Podcast Episode 47

Watch out for our new show on NBC where Phil and Cody solve murders as super-powered zombies practicing law in Vegas. Guest-starring Mario Van Peebles. This week, the two chat up about the Astros, more wrong numbers and the Jerky Boys, embarrassing music and ICP, the Disappointing Spider-Man, Disney/Cruises/Booze, saving baby seals in Antarctica, self-driving cars, TV talk, and taking care of the zombie problem in San Antonio.


LTN Podcast Episode 46

Mark Watney can grow potatoes on Mars but can he make a podcast? Didn't think so, buddy. This week, Bert joins us to talk about chasing booze with Theraflu, Hockey vs. Sports, upcoming shit and Tarantino, The Martian, if Interstellar or Contact had the worse ending, war Films and history, politics and.....(holy shit, guys, did we go off the fucking rails on this) other unnecessary controversial bullshit. There goes our fucking Coca-Cola sponsorship.


LTN Podcast Episode 45

What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here? Go to Mars? As Phil and Cody struggle with their sobriety, they talk discuss Phil's sweet powerslide, condescending waiters and food poisoning, Terminator Genisys, the shitty movie weekend, e-juice flavors of the month, our bullshit collections, Soma, robot bodies and superpills, Superman what-ifs, and dick-cars.


LTN Podcast Episode 44

Phil and Cody once built a clock for their science project using a carborator, uranium, and a lot of love. It was so successful, they used their fame to start a podcast! This week, they talk about the dangers of Chris Madrid's and cherry limeades, D&D sliders, Diversions, Facial Recognitions and the porn issue, superweapons on super planes, the mission to Mars with mechs, the Charlie Tuna massacre, FuckBurger, Bomb boy and conspiracy theories, and President Schwarzenegger vs. President Jackie Chan.


LTN Podcast Episode 43

Bert the Bert swings by to tell Phil and Cody how pretty their Japanese schoolgirl cosplay looks. This week, the three talk about the Alamo City Comic Con, the weird void cosplay fills, 4k tv's and gaming, 360 videos, VR and the porn application, the Apple hype machine, ordering shit with Echo, beard bros, Quiet shakin' dat ass, the Mr. Robot finale (no spoilery), and upcoming sci-fi.


LTN Podcast Episode 42

Looks like another murder in Sober Town. Detectives Phil and Cody are on the case! This week we discuss Phil's fawning over vape gear, comic con cosplay, dog handler etiquette in the arena, the Sober Report, Kazaam's magic boombox, Goon 2, Diane Lane typcast into a respectable lady, Cody being a dumbass with computer security, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, bath and Body Works our fucking patience, and the plans for the upcoming 50th episode.


LTN Podcast Episode 41

As veterans of the Laser Wars, Phil and Cody proudly support the vocational rehabilitation of all cyber-commandos. This week, the duo discusses the economics of Phil's faggot coffee, 40 year olds smell like cheese, laser tag bodies and shitty memes, our first times with booze, Kanye West tourettes and shitty award shows, dentist beauty shops, the best blood pressure ever, trolling politics, drug legality and PCP bars, and Nicholas Cage's best is totally not Face-Off.


LTN Podcast Episode 40

The Less Than Negative Podcast is brought to you by SOBRIETY, the letter B, and the number 13. This week, Phil and Cody tackle retro games, Phil's Houston beer spill, Cody caving to the vape train, 3d printing your second amendment, cotton candy love recipes, left and right extremism, Pokefest neckbeards, electric cars, TV Time!, The Disaster Artist, good acting, the Amazing Jonathan, and Phil doubling down with sobriety.


LTN Podcast Episode 39

Two men divided by their feelings of Pauly Shore are locked in mortal combat. This week, the two discuss the explosive properties of tonic water, Phil's cave in to vaping, kosher e-juice, drugs and the creepy eyes in Mr. Robot, The Room, anticipation for The Martian, True Detective 2: The Suck Acceptance, Phil taking a leak while Cody rambles about Rasplex, Pauly Shore in Point Break, and fake river tits.


LTN Podcast Episode 38

The Less than Negative Podcast is 100% natural and gluten free! Now with extra Rick! This week with Phil, Cody, and Rick we talk about losing expensive shit, Fantastic Four sucking, the Island of Dr. Moreau and baby pianos, more Star Wars hype and Yoda as Willie Wonka, Deadpool, Dragonball Z time chambers, movie experiences with lube, segways and hoverboards, the bus, rikshaw mules and bike tragedies, and Phil losing his shit over Rick's vaping gear.


LTN Podcast Episode 37

While Phil and Cody wrap up defending their tag team championship belt, they manage to make time for a podcast. This week, they discuss more bad habits, running with beer, baseballs in the face, responsible drinking, Hulk vs. Kramer, that state of porn and imagination in youth, Flavortown and Fuckeduptown, Tyler Perry and the Adam Sandler showdown, VR, Warcraft and movie franchises, and Michael Jackson taking the magical role of Jar Jar Binks.


LTN Podcast Episode 36

Phil and Cody are repealing the 18th amendment with 9th...or something. This week, they discuss Red Fox's coke problem, little dogs and weak bloodlines, Hitler's dog, shit shaming and Ant-Man, the Tick, documentaries and the end of knowledge, saving the world with Facebook likes, HEB and hairbuns, good cyclists, and gun paster with the tasty cakes shitshow.


LTN Podcast Episode 35

Phil and Cody take a break from coaching an inner city hockey team to bring you a new podcast! This week they discuss the Comic-Con leaks and culture, Youtube reaction vids, panels being weird, dog abuse intervention, Enchanted Rock climbing, Reague of Regends, Big Trouble in Little China, new Evil Dead, Jared vs. Cosby, where baby flags come from, Richard Simmons marital art master, functional crackheads, and Reddit burning.


LTN Podcast Episode 34

Rainbows and Unicorns forever! This week Phil and Cody discuss the aftermath of the Commando drinking game, Sense 8 and Wachowski dissappointments, True Detective, Rick and Morty cooler than sliced bread, the Soprano's vs. Breaking Bad, boycotting zombies, remembering Superman vs. Doomsday, Warren Ellis and more comic talk, Gay people getting all gay and stuff over gay marriage, silly flags, and marrying your horse.