Less Than Negative Podcast

Dedicated to looking over the latest in film, gaming, comics, and tech all under the lens of heavy drinking.

LTN Podcast Episode 13

Special Guest: Rob The Editor. This week we discuss the superflu, stupid yardwork, Mr. Holland's jailbait, Highlander 2 is retarded, the crazy Dune movie, Dwight Yoakum, McConaughey AIDS, playing with toys for cash, and crying like bitches during Warrior.


LTN Podcast Episode 12

The timer for Phil's relapse continues. This week, we discuss the decline of Fast Eddie's, McDonalds not being food, a burger showdown, RGV ettiquette, bandwagon Cowboy fans, lumbersexuals, Cody representing the gay community, and why the Interview sucks.


LTN Podcast Episode 11

This week we discuss porno viruses, Kim Jong Un sucking more than The Interview, javelina butt sauce, Plex, dickhead cyclist, introversion and feelings, our friend bigotry, ground control to Major Balls, and being gay for Freddy Mercury. Merry Christmas to all our LTN fans!


LTN Podcast Episode 10

This week we tackle Christmas lights, Sex-bot Judgement Day, wine breathing snobbery, relapses, the terror of the platypus, no more Florida, Detroit our new home, Sean Connery's amazing accent, and the battle between Repulitards vs Demotards.


LTN Podcast Episode 9

The Four Loko Challenge. Two reluctant gladiators enter the arena...


LTN Podcast Episode 8

It's a LTN Thanksgiving! This week we explore the amazing movie intros, pigs on planes, Burt's Buzz and the Robocop comparison, dino burgers, Thanksgiving family fun, Tokyo vs New Orleans strippers, and still missing smoking.


LTN Podcast Episode 7

Special Guest: Marco the Marco. This week explore doctors and anal adventures, Irish car bombs, Long John Silver's cruchies, Commander Mark, Picture Pages and Cosby rapies, building volatile PC's, and too many rapies on the board.


LTN Podcast Episode 6

Special Guest: Felipe the Felipe. This week, we discuss Wurstfest, dickdogs, The Run of Champions, magic tea or rape, The Grandslam Supercombo, The Legend of Weeks, Burt's Bees bitches, the 4 Loko Challenge, and dial-up porn.


LTN Podcast Episode 5

Special Guest: Mike the Mike. This week we discuss sex with fighter planes, Sylvestor vs. Arnold, Nightcrawler, the hotness of Eve Mendes, Twins 2, and the nipple on the three breasted woman. Oh yeah. We talk about Interstellar too.


LTN Podcast Episode 4

Special Guest: Decent Audio Equipment. This week we tackle mourning cigarettes, comic store blues, midget superpowers, Phil hating Top Gun, Kubrick's super camera, and squishy faces turning to Skeletor.


LTN Podcast Episode 3

The Whiskey Episode! We dive in to the arcade tits of our youth, the Oculus Rift, Full Metal Jacket vs. Apocalypse Now, the Death of Superman, stupid science practices in Prometheus, and how to escape being typecast by giving Kevin Bacon a blowjob.


LTN Podcast Episode 2

Phil caves into social networking, EBOLA EBOLA EBOLA, KFC spices, dental best practices, and drunken ramblings about Unicron.


LTN Podcast Episode 1

In our first podcast we discuss the Retropie, the absurdity of grudge lyrics, and the retarded awesomeness of Tusk all with shitty audio mixing skills.