Ricky-Oh: The Story of Ricky

Ricky-Oh: The Story of Ricky:  Have you ever been so mad that you punched a guy's arm off?

I always wondered what would happen if Goku was a real person and he punched some dude in the face with his super-saiyan powers. Would he just knock their head clean off or would the guy just turn into instant spaghetti? In The Story of Ricky, we have the answer. Arguably the most violent martial art movie ever made, no limb or body part is safe from the insanely powerful Ricky-Oh. He can and will punch your fucking head clean off. It manages to take the cheesiest acting, the most ridiculous special effects, and some of the craziest over the top violence blended together to become one of the greatest movies my eyes have ever seen.


This is what happens with you lose the big guy's Boyz To Men CD.

We are introduced with Ricky-Oh arriving at a privatized prison ruled by the ruthless Gang of Four, the Assistant Warden, and the ultra evil Warden himself. Ricky is in for some manslaughter charge and starts to see how corrupt and evil the prison really is. Well, I know it's a prison and it's choking to the brim with complete assholes by default, but these assholes running the show get off by fucking with the weaker inmates as violently as possible. You see, what these fucking guys don't know is that Ricky-Oh has super strength and has been trained to protect the weak and fuck shit up. So now we got a guy with super strength punching holes in people while the other assholes running the show get pissed and turn his friends into ground beef. It's like the tumble cycle of violence. Ricky is like the goddamn Hulk, so if you piss him off, heaven fucking help you. He will probably feel kinda sad after killing you until you piss him off again and some motherfucker's arm is getting punched off. Shit culminates to the final showdown between the righteous Ricky-Oh and a warden who is a bigger prick than even the one in Shawshank Redemption. The final fight scene is so violent that I cried tears of joy that someone managed to take bottled violence and capture it on film.

You think reinforced rebar is going to stop Ricky? You out yo goddamn mind.

There's a lot of question marks in the movie, but the only itch I had over the already ridiculous plot is what kind of super cop brought him in. The guy punches holes in stone and you managed to put fucking handcuffs on him. That cop must have been like Broly or Schwarzenegger on PCP. Why did he just hang out in prison like it was the shitty part of Hancock if he could punch through fucking stone like it was stryofoam? Maybe he was trying to do hardcore prison reform. Fuck. I don't know. I can at least appreciate that they dropped Goku in a human meat factory.

Ricky like finger painting too....IN FUCKING BLOOD!!!

The only way I can describe this movie is if someone turned a 90's anime into a real film. It's stupid special effects, insane gore, really cheesy acting, and silly plot blend so well, it goes straight around and becomes something that must be experienced. This is the ultimate drunken Friday night party movie. I can't think of a single movie like it, and that alone is worth a watch.

Full Movie from Youtube below