Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road:  No bullshit, this is probably the best action movie to come out in years.

Sit down and shut the fuck up for a second. I know that Furious 7 was a hard sell for you with the silly, over the top action coated with lines of extra cheese. I still stand by the movie's stupid mindless fun with their commitment to an equally stupid story. Age of Ultron had an easy pitch. A movie with more Marvel characters beating the shit out of each other in residential areas with the promise of new character reveals is kind of a must watch for a comic fan. Along comes Fury Road, tumbling along with a new actor for Max and a reboot for the series trying to elbow its way between a ridiculous amount of summer blockbusters. It is with great joy and relief that I say that Fury Road works as an action film, a reboot of the series, and having a really good story. It's really shitty that Star Wars is sucking all the year's hype as this is easily a contender for action film of the year.


Immortan Joe with that Colgate smile.

I wanna go into the history of Max from the original trilogy of films, but for Fury Road, it's not really necessary. Just know that the world is a post apocalyptic wasteland, Max (played by Tom Hardy) is a damaged character that previously lost his loved ones, and mass vehicular violence is the currency of trade. We open with Max taken captive to be used as a living blood bank for a warlike band of marauders. These marauders led by a very creepy looking man named Imortan Joe have established themselves a nice chunk of cultivated wasteland and have developed trades routes for gas and ammunition. Having the most successful convoy runs is Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) who decides on this run to betray Joe by stealing his five wives in the “War Rig”; a fortified tanker truck built to fight off bandits. Joe is naturally fucking pissed, so he sends out a war party consisting lunatics in make shift vehicles to get them back. Furiosa and a recently escaped Max come head to head and eventually fight together to survive Joe's army.

If I think Charlize Theron is hot covered in grease killing people, am I a fucked person?

I heard this described as a two and a half hour long car chase film. They are kinda right, but left out some words. This is the BEST two and a half hour long car chase film that has excellent pacing, a solid story, some great acting especially from Theron, and some of the most insane action put on a screen. The trailer makes it seem like this film would have been caked in CGI but most of the stunts you are seeing are real which makes it that much more impressive. We see most of the film through the eyes of Max and seems to be the vehicle (heh) into Furiosa story. It sounds strange for fans of Mad Max but it works with him almost feeling like a natural force for survival. Don't worry. He doesn't take a backseat or anything as Max is still Max and part of the action.

Fucking. Insane.

There's not much more to say. If you want to see another Mad Max movie, vehicular combat, or shit blowing up, Fury Road works and it works very well. Quit fucking around and go see it.