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Robocop vs Terminator

Robocop vs Terminator:  Robocop vs Terminator: If twelve year olds had an illustrated argument


While I still love slap bracelets, Pogs, and Hypercolor shirts, the 90's was fucking ridiculous. Comics were getting pretty crazy too with the crazy collector's covers and an endless supply of first issues that never amounted to anything. While Image Comics was starting to boom and the mega X-Men events overshadowed everything, Dark Horse Comics was quietly sitting in corner churning out licensed comics like Aliens and Predator. One of those gems was Robocop vs Terminator who was written by the critically acclaimed and eventually insane Frank Miller. Such an epic concept could only be drawn by Walt Simonson who did the impossible and made Thor suck less. It was if the stars aligned and put a supremely talented duo to take a severely retarded idea and make it awesome. What we have is the most beautiful train wreck carefully crafted that could ever come from a comic where a cyborg cops punches the shit out of assassin robots.


Why yes, that is an army of flying Robocops punching another army of Terminators.

How do you shoehorn a cyborg cop from Detroit into a story about time travel and a shitty future? The first thing you do is make the Robocop the eventual cause of Judgement Day. Future love interest goes through time to put a cap in his ass to save humanity only to be prevented by time travel, terminators, and Robocop being awesome. What happened was more pointless time travel shit and gave way to Robocop shooting and punching his way to victory. It had Robocop punching a terminator to death, being bros with an ED-209, two children getting killed to advance a plot, a Robocop outfitted with rockets, and a dinosaur for good measure. It even spawns a decent game for the SNES. We may never see another comic like it again.

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