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Luthor Strode

Luther Strode:  A superhero story where people are exploding vessels of meat and instant spaghetti.

The series begins with The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode where Luthor, our hero, is your typical nerdy kid wanting something more with his life. He orders a book to get him strong, and strong he gets. Unusually strong. He gets bigger. Faster. He begins to be able to read peoples movements and ultimately strays away from “typical nerdy kid” status to become superhuman. He also starts to see people as nothing more than muscle and tissue. Then it gets complicated and very, very bloody.

Yeah. There's lots of this.

The Luther Strode series is one of the most violent things I have ever seen in comics. Watching some of the fights is almost like watching a Dragonball Z episode where Goku just doesn’t give a shit anymore. People’s heads explode from punches, limbs rip from sockets, and characters laugh off bullets while they seep from bloodied muscles. The stories themselves are about the right level of ridiculousness to fuel the violence in an enjoyable way. It reminds me of the comic Invincible’s level of mayhem while still trying to stay grounded with the fights. That sounds weird, I know, but just take away this. If violence is fun for you, Luther Strode is a stroll through Disneyland.

He tried to reach for the exploding can of Chef Borardee but it was too late.

For those that want to check it out, pick up The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode and then The Legend of Luthor Strode. We should see Legacy of Luthor Stroud rapping up soon. While it’s not as strong as the first two, it marks the last story for Luthor. If you already got into the series, it’s worth it to see how they wrap it up. Chances are it will be through buckets of blood and gore. Yay.