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The Amazing Spider-Man (2015)

The Amazing Spider-Man:  After years of shitting on Parker, a ray of light hits the current arc.

Anyone who has been a fan of Spider-Man has been through some rough times. You have the awful confusing mess of the Clone Saga, Sins Past where it was revealed Gwen Stacy had love children with the Green Goblin, and the rotten cherry on top with One More Day where in an effort to retcon Spider-Man’s history, Peter Parker makes a deal with the devil to save the life of Aunt May who should have decades ago in exchange of forgetting he’s married to supermodel Mary Jane. All in that horrible afterbirth, Dan Slott has been slugging away at Spider-Man with brute force. He gave us some good arcs like American Son, the Gauntlet, and Spider Island. Now with the latest reboot, Slott is injecting something Peter Parker has never faced before. Common sense.


The reboot has Peter in charge of Parker Industries which seems to be spreading Spidey tech commercially on a global scale. He’s pushing everything from a “Webware” watch to defense tech to SHIELD. All at affordable prices, of course. A nice change of pace is while Peter is busy running a company and all the drama in between. He’s no Tony Stark but is running the place like you think Parker would. Longtime friend The Prowler acts as Spider-Man for protection and mascot of the company and even employed former villain Clash to help develop tech. He even has Harry Osborn taking care of the business side of things and Miguel O’Hara (Future Spider-Man) running his R&D department. Honestly the current villains being the Zodiac, a set of twelve zodiac inspired characters, are fucking dumb, but the return of Doc Oc, the Rhino, and the Green Goblin seem to be in the near future.

The whole thing is run in the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building.

Spider-fans know that good times for Peter Parker never last forever, but right now, the reboot has potential to be a fun ride and a sigh of relief for fans of the wall crawler. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts and pray there’s more to come.