Doom Beta

Doom Beta:  Not enough gibs.

If you didn’t get to play the Doom Beta over the weekend, I’m going to save you some time if you considered picking it up for multiplayer down the road. It sucks. Are you sad about it? Yeah. Me too. Somehow, the team behind the multiplayer portion of the game managed to make a boring, imbalanced, and forgettable arena shooter and slapped a Doom logo on.


Which game does this image belong to?- 1. Destiny 2. Halo 3. COD

On the positive, one of the few things that looks done right is how well the game looks. On the PC, I didn’t experience any issues with the graphics. It runs great and I didn’t notice any dips in performance with a mid range video card. Doom runs smooth. Annnnd that’s about it. Everything about this fucking game feels like they took from the current bucket of modern shooter parts and cobbled something together. It shouldn’t be a surprise. The team working on the multiplayer portion are veterans of the industry with Halo and Call of Duty. We get loadouts, customizable armor, perks in the form of hacking modules, and the shittiest rocket launcher in FPS history all while trying to be an arena shooter. There’s even an announcer that sounds like a grandpa reading bedtime stories recapping your murders in slumberous detail. It manages to play like something with no core focus or them. This may be okay for any other bland shooter that collects dust on the shelf, but this is Doom where the visceral murder of demons is contrasted by the horrific visuals of Hell taking over. Taunting your opponent with the Gangnam Style dance after a deathmatch shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

This is just a beta for multiplayer, but already we are seeing the direction with the game as a whole which is reasonable cause for concern. The best we can do now is light black candles around our pentagram of salt on the floor and pray to the unholy masters of the darkest depths of Hell a simple prayer. “Don’t let them fuck up single player.”