Broforce:  It's like riding a bald eagle through explosions while shotgunning a can of freedom, shooting an M60 in the air, and Bruce Springsteen rocks the soundtrack.

I'm sure if you could bottle disappointment, the amount you would create from Early Access/ Kickstarter games would be enough to subjugate a nation. After I got burned on Starbound, I made a solemn vow to never buy early release shit ever again. You have no idea how pissed I was at those fucking devs. Then the Broforce trailer came out and I forgot all about the vow and picked up a copy. Broforce is the exception to the “Early Release games are trash” rule. Somehow, the developers managed to compact everything great about action movies, arcade violence, and America and forged a great game from it. Is Broforce worth a purchase? Fuck. Yes.


The game gets free updates like this Alien Infestation update. Fuck, it's tough.

Broforce is about killing everything in your way with guns and explosions in cartoonish pixel glory. Each level is loaded with bad guys and explosive barrels that encourage violent chaos. There are also people you can rescue that grant you extra lives. Here’s the interesting part. Each time you get a rescue, you get a change of character which is a “bro” version of a famous action hero. Brommando, Rambro, Brobocop, Bro Hard. You get the idea. Each of these characters have their own special ability and you never get to choose them. They get swapped at random. This encourages the chaos and shakes things up every time you play. With everything going on, you will eventually slip and kill yourself a la Super Meat Boy, but because the violence and explosions are so over the top, you probably will find it funny and not care. This is further compounded with the multiplayer, as you can probably blow the entire level to hell and end up killing the whole group going crazy with the rocket launcher. It’s so much stupid fun won’t care. All this is in a flag waving, guitar solo, testosterone laced package that makes you think, “Yeah. I want more of this.”

It's like a Michael Bay movie except good.

Even if you strip down the flags, all the bro unlocks, and over the top nods to 80’s action movies, Broforce is still a good game even as an early access title. It’s been regularly updated with Aliens and Expendables campaigns. Add all the community custom maps and updates that seems very likely in the future, and you are going to have a game that sticks around. Grab it when you can.