Supergirl:  I wanted to write a review, but I better wait for Superman’s affirmation.

Amongst the wave of superhero films and TV it’s only fair that women get their own hero to root for. Marvel has Agent Carter staring in her own show (meh) so it’s only fair DC gets to fire their own salvo. Taking a powerful and fun character like Supergirl and turning it into a TV show is a smart bet. Too bad what could have been a strong female role model gets turned into a lip biting, indecisive child begging for Superman’s approval.


"It's cool Supergirl. You tag 'em. I bag 'em."

Supergirl features Kara, another survivor of Superman’s homeworld of Krypton sent to protect him from….whatever. Something happens to her pod/spaceship thing and gets bumped into the Negative Zone where the galaxy’s most evil are housed in some sort of space jail and time gets wonky. She eventually gets to Earth only to find that Superman is all grown up and not really needing any protection. She ends up with a foster family who serve as the supporting cast tasked with keeping her super abilities safe. Fast forward to the present. Now working for the media company Catco (totally not the Daily Planet), she eventually has to use her abilities to save her sister from a crashing plane (totally not like Superman) and comes to terms with using her powers in a heroic manner. Oh, yeah. That space prison crashes on Earth giving us villain fodder for the show’s season.

"The 88 is how many reasons I'm Superman's best friend. This necklace is number 67."

The show is produced pretty well managing to capture Kara’s superhero antics without looking completely retarded. It also manages to name drop some of the lesser known DC characters that no one really gives a shit about if that’s your thing. Here’s where the show fall down the stairs and into the stupid pit. For a show about a strong female lead, Kara is constantly looking for some sort of fucking approval from seemingly everyone. “Oh my, God. Am I doing the right thing after this mishap? Let me spend the next 15 minutes brooding over this with my supporting cast.” Enabling her is the worst offender of them all. You may know the dorky, self-described best friend of Superman, Jimme Olson. Well, now he’s black, good looking, and constantly name dropping Superman. “You know Kara. Superman would think you did a good job. You know I’m best friend’s with Superman, right. He just texted me and said you did great. I make a great romantic lead. Psst. I know Superman……SUPERMAN.”

Hawwwttt...uh...I mean....EMPOWERMENT.

Supergirl is sitting at the poker table of superhero shows and keeps making shitty bluffs while holding a chip advantage in network TV. Here’s a fucking tip. Maybe for once remember that you can stop bullets and punch an asshole across the state. Stop pining for acceptance in the shadow of Superman. Supergirl has the potential to be it’s own fun character and might find its stride further down the road, but I won’t hang around a full fucking season to find out.