The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth:  I now want a margarita pool.

They finally gave Will Forte his own show. You see him sprinkled across a diverse array of comedies that he was in danger of being “that guy”. A bulk of his work was with Saturday Night Live which was unfortunate since it was the changing of the guard that no one gave a chance on. It did help produce the unexpectedly funny MacGruber where we got to see a fat Val Kilmer and a grown man offer his ass for a chance back at his job. He was actually great in the drama Nebraska giving more cred to his acting chops. He's now in The Last Man On Earth, showing the world how much fun it would really be to live your day to day as a drunken bachelor with no restrictions of law or decency.


Fuck what you all think. This is the most balla shit ever.

The plot revolves around a virus taking out all of mankind and Phil played by Will Forte being the seemingly last survivor. I don't think that back story is going to be that important compared to the potential of using it as a vehicle for a man to finally do what he wants like, uh, creating a giant Jenga tower. The only other insight I can offer without spoiling it is that he copes with loneliness with booze, laziness, and his imagination in the best ways possible. It's hard to imagine how they pulled off a one man show, but the team behind the show successfully made a seemingly average guy people the most ultimate but unfortunate bachelor in some of the funniest ways possible. When people are touting this as one of the most original things on TV, they aren't lying.

This is the same network that canned Firefly and Arrested Development, so expect their gentle treatment when it's future. Regardless how it turns out, I'll stick around. This refreshing after a generational spoon feeding of laugh tracks and tired romantic cliches. If anything, I'll stick around to see what Will turns into a toilet next episode.