Less Than Negative Podcast

Dedicated to looking over the latest in film, gaming, comics, and tech all under the lens of heavy drinking.

LTN Podcast Episode 37

While Phil and Cody wrap up defending their tag team championship belt, they manage to make time for a podcast. This week, they discuss more bad habits, running with beer, baseballs in the face, responsible drinking, Hulk vs. Kramer, that state of porn and imagination in youth, Flavortown and Fuckeduptown, Tyler Perry and the Adam Sandler showdown, VR, Warcraft and movie franchises, and Michael Jackson taking the magical role of Jar Jar Binks.


LTN Podcast Episode 36

Phil and Cody are repealing the 18th amendment with 9th...or something. This week, they discuss Red Fox's coke problem, little dogs and weak bloodlines, Hitler's dog, shit shaming and Ant-Man, the Tick, documentaries and the end of knowledge, saving the world with Facebook likes, HEB and hairbuns, good cyclists, and gun paster with the tasty cakes shitshow.


LTN Podcast Episode 35

Phil and Cody take a break from coaching an inner city hockey team to bring you a new podcast! This week they discuss the Comic-Con leaks and culture, Youtube reaction vids, panels being weird, dog abuse intervention, Enchanted Rock climbing, Reague of Regends, Big Trouble in Little China, new Evil Dead, Jared vs. Cosby, where baby flags come from, Richard Simmons marital art master, functional crackheads, and Reddit burning.


LTN Podcast Episode 34

Rainbows and Unicorns forever! This week Phil and Cody discuss the aftermath of the Commando drinking game, Sense 8 and Wachowski dissappointments, True Detective, Rick and Morty cooler than sliced bread, the Soprano's vs. Breaking Bad, boycotting zombies, remembering Superman vs. Doomsday, Warren Ellis and more comic talk, Gay people getting all gay and stuff over gay marriage, silly flags, and marrying your horse.


LTN Podcast Episode 32

Now with more shovels! Rob visits for this weeks audio trauma. This week we discuss Cody's tale of the broken website and customer support nightmares, Jurassic Park and Independence day sucking, the Area 51 shakey cam adventure, drunk alien abductions, sitting down to pee and clown stall rape, fight or flight club, pubes are not gross (but are), racist Tom and Jerry, and Phil's shaved Ewok.


LTN Podcast Episode 31

This week, we offer apologies to Spider-bitch who is actually really nice, Rebow's shit party, dick neighbors, Phil and Cody just want to drink, getting glasses from "African Americans", Phil's high blood pressure, pizza, transgender bullshit, the Rock in Big Trouble, and the upcoming Commando drinking game.


LTN Podcast Episode 30

The only two people who have successfully pass the 36th chamber of Shoalin take on their 30th episode. This week we talk about Spider-Bitch, beards and stupid fashion, embarrassing AOL chatroom roleplaying, Superhacks!, Silk Road and Roman Polanski's buttsex, Fifa and the World Cup, fuck Qatar, seriously fuck that place, Fury Road being awesome, reboots and the power of Kung Fury.


LTN Podcast Episode 29

Can our two heroes endure the harsh and hostile terrain of the dreaded dick planet? This week, Phil and Cody ponder being astronauts in the worst of ways, belly bands and dog piss, feeding dogs pizza, MSG: the wonder condiment, KFC is gross/kinda, steak perfection, Tim sauce (seriously fuck you Tim), Grocery hunts and guns, bullet boners with gun safety, HEB slaps, and Cody not getting over how much he hates cyclists.....again.


LTN Podcast Episode 28

The heroes return to fill your heads with more bullshit. This week Cody and Phil discuss coffee being too much work, the allure of catshit coffee, weird food, Mad Max: Fury Road, Real Sex vs. Skinimax, missing Vegas and strip clubs, the case of the Cannibal Cop, Liquid Television, weird music and weirder books, and Cody ranting against cyclists again.


LTN Podcast Episode 27

The defenders of liberty take on episode 27. This week, Phil and Cody discuss WWII, the real meaning of Idiocracy, Burger Showdown II, eating like a college student, more shilling for the Drink-a-thon, Punch-Out fun, the Occulus Rift and immersion in gaming, Apple Watch suckers, more VR, Martial Law in Texas, Texas is awesome even though Phil secretly loves it, and tolerance in politics.


LTN Podcast Episode 26

Phil and Cody double down on dissappointment this week. In the 26th episode, we discuss old friends on Facebook, the Spurs loss, Jamie Fox's finger waving and boxing being dumb, Cody punching a woman in self defense, learning martial arts, the Marvel super movie universe, the Hulk's oil barrel dick, the Age of Ultron movie, videogame super violence and the importance of youth indoctrination, the Powerwall, and Battlestar Galactimormons.


LTN Podcast Episode 25

With only a spoon to dig their own grave, Phil and Cody tackle episode 25! This week, we discuss super underwear, Ex Machina, A.I. and the iWatch being dumb, wipey wipey toilet fun, our Sewage Heroes, Trannies and Dickfloppers Anonymous, Bruce Jenners transformation into an ugly woman, Daredevil and the Mighty Ducks kid, TV TV TV, Drinking without Borders Charity, Baltimore vs. The Avengers, and more Star Wars hype.


LTN Podcast Episode 24

Cody, Rob, and Felipe tackle the podcast! This week we talk about the Star Wars trailer, homosexual vibes in Foxcatcher, Whiplash, the announcement for Drink-a-thon, Mexican bullshit recipes, husband beatings, Mortal Kombat fatalities, Bodies the exhibit, Bruce Tranny, and shitty Kanye raps.


LTN Podcast Special 1

It's a bonus episode for LTN! While Phil was out honeymooning and Felipe heeds the call.


LTN Podcast Episode 23

Rob is back! This week, we talk about Jinx and HBO documentaries, Daredevil on Netflix, book adaptions, SPORTS!, heckling at a ball game, Mad Max vs. Fast and Furious, Twilight Zone decapitations, Vladimir Kamarov, Cody digs a hole with the jewish community, and Hypno Hitler vs. Hypno Jesus.


LTN Podcast Episode 22

You better ride or die. This week, we cover the Fast and Furious franchise, Vin Diesel love, RIP Paul Walker, gatling gun death, Phil and Cody the superhero duo, eggrolls and future firefighters, the current state of action films, Grand Theft Awesome, Kim dot Cool, revenge porn and scientology, religion fun, Grimaldi's vs. Yagghi's, and the implications of Fallout 3 on religion.


LTN Podcast Episode 21

Phil's back from Spain with no diseases! This week, we discuss Phil's honeymoon trip to Spain, Picasso!, the Spanish actually having explorers, Spain vs. Belgium, European toiletries and bathroom ettiquette, custom fun, Cody's porn loss in Japan, employee of the year with a pornstar, more comic cards, Masters of the Universe, Computer upgrades, catching up with TV, and getting back to anime.


LTN Podcast Episode 20

We made it to episode 20 without dying! This week, we reminisce about disgusting school bathroom antics, Innerspace, discuss Michael Jackson with love and respect, The Wiz tanking black cinema, the Walker swap, fashion trends in Chappie, Avengers hype, the movie theater experience, drive-in handies, and Spain- the great unknown.


LTN Podcast Episode 19

The Phil got married episode! Special guest: Mike the sequel. This week, we discuss the Rock's workout, Mike vs. Shaun Michaels, Vision sucking less than Ant-Man, comic book wife beaters, smoking is good for kids, bean water, Cody's comic card obsession, Phil hates D&D, $26 dollar underwear, the 300 workout, stress, what is life?, trained raptors are fucking stupid, and more Freddy Mercury fellatio.


LTN Podcast Episode 18

Few days remain in the shackles of Phil's sobriety. These week we talk westerns, anime vs. cartoons, wrestling and the Sgt. Slaughter legacy, superfans, Hockey, Band of Brothers, Cody's cartoon crushes, Afro slaps, the upcoming Aliens film, What We Do In The Shadows, and Narc the video game.