The Leftovers

The Leftovers:  How I learned to deal with grief like an idiot.

I'm not religious by any means, but even I can admit that a biblical apocalypse would be fucking awesome.  You have the antichrist, four horsemen tearing shit up like the shootout scene in Heat, dragons, super whores, and flying scorpions.  You remember the angel war in The Prophecy?  Shit like that would go on all the time.  The christian apocalypse is probably the most metal thing that could ever happen to us.  With the Leftovers, you get none of that cool shit.  You are stuck with a story that alludes to the Rapture happening as millions of people in the world mysterious vanish.  Three years later, what you are left with are peoples' feelings and the dumbest, most gullible fucktards that humanity could ever possess.

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