Daredevil:  A blind lawyer meets women by getting his ass kicked fighting crime.

The race for superhero TV is on and it is a ratings war for viewership. As an audience, we are fucking losing. Constantine, Agent Carter, and Gotham have been missing the mark or not even firing in the right direction to begin with. Seriously, the only reason you put up with Agents of SHIELD is for maybe that tiny reference to the Marvel Universe that you lap up like it's spilled cocaine on the couch. Both DC and Marvel have been playing their hand at world-building in the TV market and have been tragically failing. Now Daredevil has come along as an exclusive on Netflix with a hero that isn't exactly the first choice you would consider to be a favorite in the Marvel world. He's a blind lawyer that fights crime and was among the first tragic comic movie letdowns starring Ben Affleck and an asshole with a bullseye on his forehead. How does the new series steer away from that trainwreck of a movie? The answer is the same way Dredd did it. Violence, grit, good characters, and a story that you can give a shit about.

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The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth:  I now want a margarita pool.

They finally gave Will Forte his own show. You see him sprinkled across a diverse array of comedies that he was in danger of being “that guy”. A bulk of his work was with Saturday Night Live which was unfortunate since it was the changing of the guard that no one gave a chance on. It did help produce the unexpectedly funny MacGruber where we got to see a fat Val Kilmer and a grown man offer his ass for a chance back at his job. He was actually great in the drama Nebraska giving more cred to his acting chops. He's now in The Last Man On Earth, showing the world how much fun it would really be to live your day to day as a drunken bachelor with no restrictions of law or decency.

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Gotham:  It’s like watching a comic book show without anything that makes it great.

Gotham has potential, to put it mildly. Imagine a show set in a city before Batman and all of the comic book pandemonium, where we see a young Jim Gordan working cases as a new to the job detective. It offers a brand a new perspective of Gotham City where stories center around various crime families and power struggles between the political and criminal elements of the city. We can start to see the corruption at the city's heart and the emergence of the villains the Batman story is famous for. It has such great potential, but instead we get this:

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