13 Hours

13 Hours:  Michael Bay wants you to believe that he can turn anyone, including Jim, into a badass.

Michael Bay gets a ton of shit, and considering his movies, a lot of it is earned. He is responsible for the explosion heavy, American flag waving, slo-mo filled sequel vomit of the Transformer’s series and made Pearl Harbor which should be considered a step below war crimes. But on the other hand, he did make Bad Boys and Pain & Gain so we shouldn’t drag him out on the streets just yet. By the way. Fuck you. I’ll defend Pain and Gain until I die. His latest, 13 Hours, takes a more subtle approach to his usual formula with the result being somewhere in the middle.

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The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: A Spoiler Free Mini Review

If you are a Star Wars fan, you are going to watch this anyway. If you are on the fence, just go. It's great. An in depth review a couple of weeks down the road. A More detail review will be a week from now when everyone has seen it.


Krampus:  How Christmas Vacation should have ended.

Horror and Christmas don’t really go together in film. Many have tried to tackle it and only Gremlins managed to pierce Olympus. I’m seriously not sure how the hell that could have happened without Gizmo, but as it stands, that’s what we got. Now we have Krampus which is the latest in a shot for the title. In the most unlikely and arguably unwanted attempt to be bring home the belt, I’m scratching my head when I say that it works.

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